Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Super delish, but was it worth it?

This little lovely cost me 10 points last Friday:

A peanut butter cookie dough shake from Millie's in Sugarhouse. I went down to my Mom's for the weekend and as we approached Salt Lake City, I made a conscious decision to blow my points for the day. I mean, how often do I have access to a scrumptious 800 calorie shake? The first several bites were pure heaven. So, so good. As I approached the bottom, I started feeling gross, and yet I couldn't stop myself until I had slurped up every last morsel. When it was all over, I actually had a glimpse of understanding into the temptation to be bulimic.

Pigging out just isn't as fun as it once was. Or, more accurately, pigging out just isn't as satisfying as it once was. I used to pig out, feel gross, but then the next day I just craved more. But now I'm finding the "yuck" that follows overindulgence to be a good motivator for me. The day after, my body is craving good veggies and fruit, protein and whole grain. And I actually feel good about satiating those cravings. This whole health challenge has made it clear to me that it is TOTALLY possible to retrain your body. After enough time, your cravings change and you find joy in eating healthy things, just as you once found joy in gorging yourself on sugar cookies. Well, not you, me.


  1. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself. I like the find the "healthy" version of stuff I love. I LOVE ice cream so frozen yogurt is my favorite. There is so many different kinds now that are really low in calories and non-fat. Fresh fruit on top and to me that's just as good as a huge bowl of ice cream that doesn't make me feel like a failure afterward!

  2. It might be just a little bit rude that you posted a picture of that delicious shake on the blog Sue! :) Lucky for us, they don't make good Utah style shakes here in VA, so that temptation isn't a problem. And I totally get blowing the points, but my question is, could you have gotten a smaller shake? Still blow the points, but don't gorge yourself to sickness? I feel like we deserve to treat ourselves every once and a while, but I need to learn to change the portion size of my treats and stop at just one or two cookies instead of an entire row of Oreos. :)

  3. When we have the "off" days, I find new motivation...often because I've overindulged in some fashion. My goal is to have an "off" period where I haven't overindulged but still enjoyed a few more treats. Maybe next time you could just order one and split it with your mom or order the kiddie size or *shocking* pour 1/4 in the trash before the first slurp (my least favorite option because of the waste).

  4. Millie's shakes only come in one size, but that sure doesn't mean I had to eat the whole thing! Maybe next time I'll ask them to split the shake into two cups and I can put half in the freezer for another day.