Tuesday, April 27, 2010



I'm so glad that so many of you took my bait to get you all to post and not just comment but I'm going to make an adjustment. I know it's mid session but I think in a couple of days you'll thanks me.

This is why I'm making the changes.
First: I don't want this blog to ever become burdensome. Sometimes lifestyle changes take more time than we'd like and I want to keep you all coming back. I don't want you to feel bogged down by having so many post to read and for those of us who feel compelled to comment so many to comment on that you say forget this. I can't keep up.

Second: Posting on a blog every day is hard. Some days you may just having nothing to say. We all lead exciting and busy lives. Enjoy life, not sitting in front of the computer all day.

Third: This blog is about getting healthy. Not about posting. The posting and commenting is to help build a community and support one another. I love reading what you have to say but I don't want you to stress about this. Stress about eating more veggies :-)


You still need to comment (or post) every day to get your 5 points.

The bonus 2 points will max out at 6 points per week.
That means you only need to POST three times a week to get those bonus points. Two points per post. (Still need to comment on the other days for get the 5 daily points)
Feel free to post more than that if you so choose but don't feel like you'll be losing points to someone else if you post 5 times that week and someone else post 7.

How's that sound. Better? Less Stressful? Make sense? Questions?


  1. Oh good! I was just sitting here thinking I'd rather go to bed than fight with my computer to download pictures for a recipe I want to post. I'll happily do that tomorrow!

  2. See I knew it would make you happy. I left my house at 8 am and didn't make it home until 4pm. I was home for 2 1/2 hours before I left again. I read every comment on my iphone.

    I counted how many comments I read today and there were 57 as of 6:30 and now there are more. I decided....this is crazy. I'm glad people are posting and commenting but get off your computer and go enjoy the day...like I was:-) I processed a plan, consulted a couple of participants and thought I think this will work.

    Sue, I'm glad that I did this in time for you to hit the sack! Can't wait to see what your recipe is.

  3. Wow! I didn't even know that it was daily! Yikes. That definitely changes points, but I like how you changed it.

  4. I was going to e mail you a question about this. So, it's 35 points total a day as long as you didn't do extra exercise and got the two extra points for posting, right?

    I do like this way better. I know I'm on here a lot, but posting everyday seemed overwhelming.

  5. Audrey, you read my mind completely! I was just telling Emily that I was going to call and suggest this same exact change! I really want to comment on everyone's posts, but with everyone posting every day, it's too much!

  6. It's perfect Audrey. Now I need to jump back on the horse. I am definitely going to have to take a free day today. It sure was worth it though.

  7. hERE i AM POSTING ON tUESDAY BUT IT ALREADY wED. ON THE COMPUTER. Oh well, I have promised myself to be more deligent in recording. So many good comments messes up my sleep time. LOL night.

  8. You are one on-the-ball blog administrator!