Friday, April 30, 2010

Keeping Track

Thankfully the rain is stopping (again) and the sun is coming out because it's so much easier to drink water when the sun is out. Maybe it's all in my head. Some days water is delish, some days I am choking it down and it gives me a headache. At work we have a water cooler dispenser that keeps the water cold. Cold water tastes so much better so I drink a lot of little cups of water throughout the workday and this is how I keep track. The cup is 9oz so today wasn't too bad of a water day. I also had some lite popcorn today which really helped with the water intake.
How do you keep track? Can we count crystal light as our water as well?

Thank you all so much for your advice and posts. It's nice to be able to read them throughout the day when work is stressful and I want to stuff my face with pizza.

Here was my dinner tonight. Would have been a little healthier with chicken but I needed to use the steak up. I ate LOTS of veggies though and have leftovers for tomorrows lunch.


  1. I love shesh ka bobs (don't know how to spell them though). All those flavors complimenting each other. It's making my mouth water right now!

    I often pour out water from my 32 oz water bottle to make a cup of herbal tea during the day (pretty much like crystal light, no caffeine, no sugar, fruity flavor)

  2. Those shiskabobs look so delish Chelsea! Way to go.

    I have a 12 oz glass that I know I need to drink from six times to get all my water in. But I like your idea of tally marks. Sometimes I forget so I always drink an extra glass just to be sure.

  3. When I started. I measures two of my glasses (different sizes)and my water bottles. That way when I drink I know exactly how much I'm getting. At the start of the day I write it on my food diary chart. Once I hit about 50 I stop tracking because I know that with the next few glasses I'm over my needed intake. My water bottles for exercise and cycling hold just over 20 ounces. Somedays I down two of those before I've had breakfast...

    Your dinner looks delish. The stake is a good choice too...lots of iron and women need more of that than they get. Might want to see if your mulit-vitamin has it.

  4. That dinner does look AMAZING! I have a weird way of keeping track of my water. I have myself on a mental timer. Every hour I make myself drink 10 to 20 sips. Sounds tedious, but as parents I think we are always clock watching. Knowing what time certain things happen. I'm also an a timer for when I eat too. I don't have to do that so much for water anymore because I crave it and naturally just drink a lot now. But I put myself on a timer originally so I didn't drink a ton at once and had to pee every 10 minutes:) I don't know about the crystal light thing. I would count it, but I am no expert either.

  5. BTW, I personally don't think eating a steak in moderation every once in a while is bad. I don't eat a lot of red meat, but I do crave it once in a while.

  6. yummy kabob dinner....i keep track of my water by using a 16 oz bottle. i just keep track of how many times i've filled and drunk the contents. sometimes i use some crystal light, purest would probably say that's cheating but i don't think it is. i eat beef at least once a week sometimes more. i need to eat more fish.