Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not A Stay At Home Mommy =\

My life never goes as expected. For lunch today I was planning on coming home and having a nice turkey and cucumber sandwich and then grabbing my protein powder for late afternoon snack. I knew I had to run an errand on my lunch hour but would have plenty of time to go home afterward right? Wishful thinking.
I had to run through the drive thru because by the time I was done with my errand I had about 7 minutes left of lunch and I was about 10min from work. I had drank almost all my water for the day {painful. why is it easy some days and harder others? not a big water fan.} so I knew I needed something other than water {and not soda}. I flew to Carl's Jr. {Hardy's?} and got this sandwich that has always been a life saver when needing to go the fast food route.

The Charbroiled BBQ Chicken sandwich on a wheat bun comes out to 380 calories {90 calories more than I thought but still way better than what I COULD have gotten}. This sandwich is yummy. Another thing I love about this place is they have Minute Maid Lite Lemonade. 15 calories for every 8oz, came out to about 35 calories. I couldn't take any more water today. Not too shabby for a drive thru meal that I could have totally bombed because I didn't go home for lunch.
Does anyone else work full time? What do you do in a pinch? What if you forget a snack? Work is stressful and it just makes me want to eat. I think I need to ramp up my AM calories.

What do you do for your morning snack? Today I brought pears for my morning snack and it was good. I wish I'd had some cottage cheese to go along with it.


  1. First of all great choice on the drive through lunch. That could have easily blown your calories away for the day. The calorie count was really not that bad. Your lunch still came in at under 500 calories.

    I work full time and it does make it difficult when you are in a pinch and just difficult in general. Where I work they have a little cafeteria. They are always stocked with fresh fruit which is very helpful on those days when I have forgotten my fruit snack for the day. I totally understand the work stress and wanting to eat. Some days are worse than others. On the really bad days I try and go out for a walk at lunch. My morning snack is usually a piece of fruit or a Luna Bar. I really like the Luna Bars. They are great to throw in your bag in the morning and haved saved me more than once on overindulging at lunch or on the bowl of chocolate treats that is always present where I work.

  2. Good job on the drive thru Chelsea! It can be so easy to fall into the trap of ording crap just because you "had" to drive thru. More and more fast food joints are trying to have some healthy choices. If you had to drive through again, you could get the same sandwich and ditch half the bun to get rid of some calories. I know water isn't the tastiest, but it's free at the drive thru - go with water next time! (and keep some of those crystal light to go packs in your glove box).

  3. Hardee's has come a long way. I worked there for my very first post 16 year old job. Way to go on the healthy choice! Not always easy when confronted with so many unhealthy choices.

    On the water front, try having salad dressing or a dish with fresh garlic in it. Makes a person really thirsty for water.

  4. That's so awesome that you avoided the temptation and made good food choices. Thanks for the inspiration. I don't work, but do find myself out and about when snack time comes around. Have you ever tried a protein bar. Pure Protein bars are my favorite. I just throw one in my purse and have it in case I'm ready for a snack. Has good protein so it keeps me full.

  5. Good choices are not always easy to make. Good for you! Protein is always my choice for a morning snack. Hard cheese is usually my choice.