Monday, April 26, 2010

Missing in Action

I'm back, and sad to admit I bombed the last challenge. Here's the excuse: we just spent a week on vacation with the family. Here's the real reason: there is no excuse. It's just my own laziness. I fell back to old habits. Vacations have always been an excuse to pig out for me. So in all honesty, that's what I did. What's the result? I feel so sick to my stomach. Lesson learned: I no longer enjoy the pigging out. Today, I'm fighting a whole bunch of emotions that's going along with it. I'm trying not to, but it's always been my natural reaction. But, here's a different tactic I've never done before, I'm going for a run with the dogs. I'm going to get out and be active today. I'm not throwing in the towel from a week of really bad behavior. While the vacation was a blast, I'm excited to be back in my old environment where I feel in control of my behavior. Do you have any tricks to stay healthy while on vacation? I could use some. The husband and I have a big happy anniversary trip coming up in the future.


  1. I used to do the same thing on vacations. Bringing protein bars and nuts in my bag help me not to overeat as much at the meals. My husband and I like to be active on our vacations which is always a plus too.
    Funny though, I always struggle AFTER I get back. Probably because we would walk so much I could get away with having more food.
    I am proud of you for getting out and moving forward. Satan wants us to wallow in our "failures" so we will KEEP failing. NOT ANY MORE!!:) YOU CAN DO IT! Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Alicia, that a just jump right back in the saddle again. You can't go back only forward and it's great to read that you're not letting your vacation fun and some over indulgent eating keep you from moving forward.

    I had a little 3 day vacation this past weekend also. I managed to hit the crummy little hotel gym every day for a half hour of cardio even though I didn't want to do it and I confess, I continued to watch my calories very carefully. I've decided that I just have to be very desciplined right now, it's a real mental thing. I did have some small portions of dessert on two evenings, it was so yummy and I wanted more but I knew I'd be sorry if I took more. I just keep my goal up front in my head.

    Before our little vacation I had a mental conversation with myself and just decided that this vacation was not going to be about eating/or food, rather my focus and fun would be about the sites I would visit, the friends we were going to see and the break from our daily routine. It helped me to make a decision about the food before I was confronted with the food choices.

  3. Alicia, fresh new start. Great attitude! For your anniversary trip, surf the net in advance. You can find restaurant menus and figure out some of the yummy (but healthy) things to eat before you go so that you don't have to do the mental work and make disciplined choices there. You will have already made them.

    I like Jill's idea of bringing healthy snacks with you and Queen Vee's idea of making your vacation about things other than food: sight seeing, shopping, being active, seeing friends.

  4. Glad to see you're back! I almost did a post entitled, "Alicia, where are you?". Yeah, pigging out just isn't as satisfying as it used to be, huh? I think our bodies are definitely adapting to our healthier lifestyles and when we fall back into our old ways, the body protests. I'm using that yucky feeling to help motivate me for this new challenge. As for vacation, I like the Queen Vee's idea of deciding beforehand if this is going to be a vacation of gluttony or a vacation with balance. Try to get in 30 minutes of exercise each day. And eat extra treats, just don't go all out. You'll have much fonder memories and feel good about yourself when you come home.