Sunday, April 25, 2010


Jill & Melissa

Wow! This was our closest race so far. Our second runner up was only short one point and there were two others within 10. It's amazing.

You are all doing wonderfully! I'm impressed and it keeps me on my toes. The little competitor in me really wants to win. Although I'm ending this next challenge the Friday before Mother's Day, it's killing me because I'm doing a 50 mile bike ride on that Saturday. Think of all those points!!!!

Check out the new points! I've added them on the side. There are only two big changes.

1st) There is only one free day this time because it's less than two weeks. Remember it's a calorie range. If you're getting a hard workout in you need to add a few calories. Hopefully that will help you get through those though days.

2nd) I've added a 2 point bonus for actually posting on the blog. That's in addition to the other points. You can get 5 points for commenting still. If you comment and post you get 7 points.

How does that sound? To high? Should I make it 1 point? Just trying to encourage people to post.

The other changes come from additional points for some of those things that may be a little harder for some of us to do, fruits & veggies, not eating before bed to name a few.

I want your feed back so we can decide if we want to keep this or go back to the old point system.

Have a great week! Good luck to all of you and have tons of fun!!!!



  1. Awesome job!!

    I think the new points are good. Can't wait to start :)

  2. Jill, those challenges sure have made a difference in your muscle tone. (hee hee).

    New points will make the challenges more challenging! Nicely done Audrey.

  3. Audrey, I think the point system sounds great. This way we will get even more helpful and insightful posts from everyone. And hey, maybe with time, everyone can look as buff as me! :)

  4. Sounds good to me!! Wow, there's 5 points! :)

  5. Nice work ladies! You know the competition is getting stiff when there's nearly a 3 way tie for first!

  6. Yay for Jill and Melissa! Jill, your photo's a crack-up, and Melissa, yours is simply beautiful!