Saturday, January 15, 2011


It's time to put up your points ladies no matter how meager you think they are. I'm headed out of town this morning and won't be back until Tuesday night!

I'm not a fan of bringing my computer when I visit people because I think you should be visiting, not looking at your computer, so I won't be able to put up the winner or their picture until I get back Tuesday night so don't be stressing when you see it's not done.

BUT, if one of you would like to do the honors then you may! I'll put up the picture still.

It's been a tough start to the year...lets get ready for the fresh start on Tuesday!!!

Have a great long weekend!!!


  1. 381 for me. There were definitely some off days. Oh, if anyone new to the blog wants to see my point-tracking it's at:

  2. 401 for me. And that's because I had a strong first week and made my 30 point goal. First time I've been in Becky's general aura...basking, basking.=-)

  3. Becky's general aura?! Try Jill's and Marci's! I think they've been smoking all of us for the past 3 or 4 months.

    Yeah, I'm crummy about accepting compliments, I know.

    Speaking of challenge winners - Audrey, I'd love you to add a section to the general points post tab at the top of the blog, where you have a list of the sessions we've done (what dates they spanned) and who the winners were. It's kind of fun to look back on. Thanks! Becky

  4. Oh my goodness Becky! What a great idea about having a list of the session winners. That would be so fun to look back on! 461 for me. I think I had an advantage of being forced to take a month off due to surgery. I couldn't wait for the New Year to start training hard and start fresh because I took a long long long long long break. You gals are so awesome!!! Thanks for the compliment Becky, but I think that I've only won one challenge, and that's since the beginning of the blog. Not a great track record huh!

  5. Wow, Marci! You did awesome! I thought I had a sporting chance with everyone struggling this week but you blew us all out of the water. Way to start the year off with a bag! I had 411 points which I feel very good about.

  6. I was so gung-ho in the beginning, which I think was beginner's enthusiasm plus the variety and fun of exercising in the temperate weather of Wyoming in the summer and having access to a GREAT community fitness center, which I'm too broke to pay for now. I definitely feel like I'm in the "reality" phase where I'm more likely to go "meh" when it comes to squeezing every point possible out of the challenge sessions. It's kind of irritating, though, because a part of me still wants to win, but I'm not a stickler enough to do what it takes to maximize my points every day. So, I don't think I'm setting the bar for anything, anymore.

    But summer is coming, and I want to be down to 160 by then. It boggles my mind to think of being that fit and healthy. Wow! I gotta make it happen!

  7. 352, YOWZERS!! Ok, well at least I posted right. If you get trainer momma's weekly newsletter last week it said to figure out some healthy goals. And be specific. Even those who are fit can make goals. So my babystep goal is to write out my workouts on Sunday and the time it's going to happen. I've been so bad at saying I'll just work it in somewhere, and then the somewhere doesn't happen. READY, SET, GOOOOO!

  8. I'm too embarrassed to post but I did make my 30 point goal so I'll start with that.

    Becky, I know you can get to 160 and even below that. Stick with it girlfriend cause you're doing great.

    Becky, I miss Sue's postings and comments.

    Cammy and Marci, fantastic numbers.

    Alicia I'm so glad you are with us again, I've really missed your great incites and enthusiasm.

    Apis, that's a darn good number for not being as strong the second week.

  9. Alicia, that's such a good plan. I know that when I am training for a race it makes it so easy to get my work outs in because they are planned out for the next 16 weeks!!! It doesn't take any thought as to what I have to do that day, and for some reason when it is written down, you feel like you have no choice but to do it. Such a good idea to write it out the Sunday before.

    Cammy, good job! I'm jumping in the air right now to give you a high five!!!

    Becky, I know you can drop below're so amazing at setting a goal and exceeding it. We're cheering for you.

    Queen Vee, you're going to rock this next challenge...I can feel it!

  10. 379 for me. Not the best, but way better than I was doing over the holidays. :) The next challenge will be better.

    As a side note: I wore a pedometer the other day because since I've moved to my "new life" here in Cali, I noticed that I've been walking A LOT! (I walk all three of my kids to school each day rather than carpool/bus). I was surprised that I took over 19,000 steps in one day!! I knew it was going to be high, but I thought that was pretty cool. :)

    Keep up the good work ladies! You all inspire me!!

  11. 349 for me. I had some days I just plain didn't write a thing down! Heres to a new challenge!
    Way to go everyone and MARCI!!! Ya Hoo!

  12. 389 for me. Rough start, good finish. Just had some cake before starting new tomorrow!

  13. I finally sat down to calculate my meager points! 351 yikes! I need to get back in my exercise groove! It's killing me.