Wednesday, January 12, 2011

5:15pm Control

I've finally got my bored/stressed eating at work down with protein bars, apples, bananas, turkey....
but when I get home, I'm suddenly starving and I want all in the above picture. Chips, m&m's, tortillas, anything I can just grab. I've tried veggies...not cutting it. Fruit, water....nope. I was thinking I would curb that by exercising as soon as I got home, but I'm usually fixing dinner and sometimes (lately) I just need to sit down for a minute, alone.
I need some "just as good" as snacks that I can munch on between my afternoon snack (3ish) until dinner (7ish). Preferably "work is way too stressful and I'd like to stuff my face to make it all better" food. It's something I really need to work on!


  1. I read this really interesting article about how our body needs to reset itself every night to work properly. It also talked about the importance of fast and essentially our body is fasting every night from our last meal until we wake up in the morning. That's when it resets. I know its hard not to snack...especially at night.

    Find the right snacks, prepare extra things so the meal making when you get home is easier and stop eating at a certain point....

    This may be easy for me to say but I struggle with this too!

    YOu can do it!!!

  2. How about a bowl of quick fix oatmeal with an egg white mixed in? Or some of the no-butter popcorn? Ultimately, I think protein is the way to go. More protein is what curbs hunger and sustains energy long term.

  3. I have this problem in the afternoons too! If I have a protein drink it helps but sometimes I want crunch with it. I put kashi cereal in it which has 13 grams of protein per serving.
    Sometimes I don't want to make my drink so I opt for some the kids call 'the brick" that I get a costco. It has 30 grams of protein and it is super easy to grab. Just put it in a cup with ice or keep some in the fridge.

    Greek yogurt with agave also helps me...

    Just know you are not alone! You are doing great!

  4. You are not alone! I've found in the past I have to find a new pattern. I just have to set my mind and do it. The first while is hard, but then it starts to get easier. Sorry, don't know if that's very good advice. That's a tough one.

  5. Combating the munchies -
    1. Make sure you are getting enough water. Your body will crave more food in an effort to get enough hydration. For me, eating sweets makes that thirsty urge feel good, but of course it doesn't fix the problem, and the need for sweets just keeps going on and on.
    2. Fill it up with the good stuff first! By this, I mean that whenever you sit down to eat a meal or grab a snack, put some healthy and savory food in your stomach BEFORE you eat the tastiest part of the meal. For instance, eat a ton of veggies before eating that serving of pasta. You'll probably eat less pasta (not needing 2nds), and therefore less calories.
    3. Plan ahead. Literally sit down and write up a list of 10 healthy things you could eat when the munchies hit, and then keep at least 5 of those things in your kitchen all the time.

    Yoo-hoo, Audrey! This would make a great 10-point challenge - each of us submit a list of 5 mini-meals worth 200 or 300 calories each that give a lot of bulk and flavor for the calories. For example, here's one:
    1 cup baby carrots - 47 calories
    my Spinach Smoothie - 100 calories
    4 Triscuit Reduced Fat crackers - 69 calories
    1 Laughing Cow cheese wedge - 35 calories
    TOTAL: 251 calories, and VERY filling, plus you get 10.7g of protein and all your veggies for the day. I haven't looked into protein powder, yet, but it's been on my mind, and I bet I could boost the protein value of this mini-meal for not a lot of calorie increase.

  6. Melissa already said the protein thing which really helps me. Trail mix is a good way to go. I make my own so I have total control over what is in it. Put it in a bag or a bowl portioned out before you start eating so you don't eat too much. This is a tough time of day. Hope these suggestions help.

  7. Cammy, what are your trail mix recipes? I'd love to see them!!

  8. Thanks for the suggestions. I love the trail mix idea because that usually seems like a treat for me. Protein shakes or bars is what I've been doing so far...
    Thanks ladies!