Thursday, January 13, 2011

Workout Interruptions

How do you count your calories, and your workout time, when you work out at home with interruptions from little ones?

Example - I just finished my workout for the day. I did 30 minutes of what is basically step aerobics on my Firm Wave stepper. Because I'm so uncoordinated and I waste so much time with a video just trying to figure out WHAT to do, rather than truly working hard, I've put together my own workout, using some basic steps and leglifts, combined with rocking on the Wave while I lift hand weights in various positions. And then I do all those things in several cycles. But there were several interruptions from my 2-year-old, including one melt-down. I was keeping my eye on the clock, and I gave the couple of interruptions a 2-minute value, and the meltdown a 5-minute value. What I mean is that 40 minutes passed on the clock so that I could get in a 30-minute workout. But my metabolism was pretty much revved for 40 minutes, so how do I count the workout, 30-minutes, 40-minutes, or maybe just 30-minutes with a 10-min "stretch" exercise?

Any thoughts?


  1. Becky,
    I feel your frustration on this. Isn't it fun trying to squeeze a workout in with little ones around? I think if you felt like it was a 40 minute workout give yourself credit for it. I don't think the fitness police are going to come and bust down your door for it. Besides sometimes taking care of kids is a better workout than those videos. Good luck!

  2. I know, I shouldn't worry about it at all. It's just the A-type side of my personality coming through. My inner data-cruncher thinks about these things, even though they don't matter in the big picture of things, and so I posted about it.

  3. I remember when my kids were smaller that I'd be down on the elliptical and every few minutes they needed something or were crying. It drove me so crazy. There was a point I was getting up at 4:30 to get a good uninterrupted workout in because they kept getting up earlier and earlier.

    I'd say if you had your heart rate going enough the small interruptions should count...but if you feel your heart rate slowing down to much which is does quickly then don't count it. This is one type-A to another A. This is why I love my heart rate monitor.

  4. Maybe you should count it as 34.5 minutes :) You are doing awesome! If you go back to your workout as soon as the meltdowns are over I give you extra credit for being so dedicated!! Way to go. This is why I wake up at 4:38(to be exact!) every morning to get my workout in uninterrupted!
    It's crazy what we do isn't it??
    Keep up the great work my friend!