Monday, January 10, 2011

Fit Fatty at Heart

I was told about this blog months ago but because of time, life, etc. I forgot all about it until today. I read a few of his entries and thought I would share the blog with all of you. I have known the writer of this blog since we were little (Some of you might know him too). He has always been a real funny guy and always a little bigger. I will be honest I never thought of him as being fat just "huskier". Anyway he went through a weight loss transformation and decided to start a blog about getting and keeping healthy. It is very positive and motivating blog and might be worth checking out if you have a minute.

P.S. Make sure you read the post about Donna Simpson posted on Dec 28th. Wow!


  1. How Crazy is that Cammy! I didn't know if personally. He got married right after we moved in, but of course, I know his parents very well. Very motivating though. Thanks for the link. I think I'm going to start following it!

  2. I'm cracking up! I didn't know him personally either, but his Uncle is the Bishop in my parents ward and his Aunt is one of my favorite people. Wow, small world. I think he need to join our blog, and us his. He's hilarious, and motivating too. I will have to follow it also. Thanks Cammy!