Sunday, August 15, 2010

Did you think I forgot?

Oh yeah! Time to post those points. I bet you thought I forgot but I didn't. I've been enjoying crazy family time here in California.

So, who is it? I actually did pretty good this challenge, completing both extra challenges, and my 30 point bonus challenge. If Becky rocked this one out I'm sure she set the two week record since there were two bonus'.

Now, there is a good chance I'm not going to have internet access for the next five days. I'm headed to the Sierra Nevada mountains where I grew up. It's going to be relaxing and nostalgic. This is were I was first born and after we left spent many summers. I'm excited to take my boys there and enjoy some hiking, swimming, fishing and a long awaited trip to Yosemite.

So who ever the lucky winner is don't worry, I'll get your picture up.

We start another challenge Monday keep it up ladies! You're all doing a wonderful job.


  1. Now I REALLY feel like the obnoxious kid everybody hates because they throw off the bell curve. Although, once the crazy summer trips and relaxing are over when school starts, I'm sure there are a lot of you who are just rarin' to go for a smackdown on my points.

    You ready for my report?

    I earned 497 points this go-around. Check the daily accumulation at my personal health blog at to see how in the world that many points happened in two weeks. And yes, Audrey, the extra challenge definitely helped the points. Thanks for two!

  2. Becky you rock. I've blown it the past two week with a few too many calories and less exercise. I'm having some problems with my left leg and foot so have had to give it a break every other day.

    Enjoy your winning performance Becky cause I'm sure serious competition will return in a couple of weeks. Your efforts, I know, are paying you big dividends.....Proud of YOU!

  3. My points were 272 for the past two weeks. I almost didn't bother posting them because they are so low. However, I told myself regardless of what they are I have to post them to help keep me accountable.

    Perfection is a process and this is something I have to be able to keep up for the rest of my life so I need to be willing to allow slip ups, right? Besides I was on vacation the whole first week.

  4. Queen Vee,
    Is swimming a possibility for you? When my knees started protesting the jogging, I went back to swimming and they feel much better now.