Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I just love the kick of salsa. And the low calories: 7 per tablespoon. My current favorite is this brand made by kids at the local Botanical gardens to teach them how to grow veggies, run a business and make some money (love it when my food can also serve a charitable, educational and local economy business purpose!) It's been a while since I've dipped a chip in salsa. Instead, I use it (or hummus) to bring together the other ingredients inside my whole wheat wrap for lunch.

As I was pondering my salsa over lunch, I wondered about other condiments that make their home in my fridge and pantry. Here's a run down of my most used per tablespoon:

Balsalmic vinegar 11
Hot sauce 0
Hummus 16
Polander all fruit 30
Smuckers simply fruit 40
Smuckers, raspberry 50
Ketchup 15
Mayo 90
Mayo light 35
Mustard (Grey Poupon) 5
Red wine vinegar 2
Teriyaki 20
Soy sauce 10

Who knew that hot sauce has 0 calories? Or that an apple has fewer calories than a tablespoonful of mayo. Do you have a healthy go-to condiment to share?


  1. I am such a fan of hummus, but I don't have it in the fridge to often. I always forget about salsa and its low calorie goodness.

  2. Can one 35 calorie wedge of Laughing Cow light cheese be a condiment? I'm a cheese freak, so let's put it on everything and eat a ton of it!!

  3. Love salsa, light mayo and Rudy's bbq sauce but my #1 condiment is Polaner Sugar Free preserves with 10 calories per serving. I use it every morning on my whole wheat thin 110 calorie bagel.

  4. Oh, you KNOW I love salsa. Lately I'm eating a Wal-Mart brand that's called "Peach Pineapple Chipotle" It's sweet, spicy and delicious.