Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I know there were some of you who showed an interest in the upcoming women's walk/run in October. My mom signed up last year and she said there were limited spots, and they filled up. So if you do want to participate, don't wait for the last minute to sign up. You do have to pick up your packet and t shirt the night before. Let me know who is planning on attending, and maybe we can arrange a meeting spot. I'll be walking with three kids in tow. Can't wait to see some of you again!


  1. Thanks for the reminder Alicia. I am so sad that it isn't going to work for me:( With kids soccer games and a dance competition the same morning I need to be elsewhere. I keep trying to figure out ways to make it work but Mark can't be in three places at once so unfortunately I'm out.

  2. Thanks, Alicia, for the reminder. I'll check it out online tomorrow, and see what I can get done!