Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Healthy Pleasures

My husband sent an article to me the other day which I wanted to share with you. He has been really supportive of my health changes and I thought it was sweet of him to pass this on to me, and no he didn't do it to point out #3 on the list. He actually sent it because I had been stressing how important getting enough sleep was and it just so happens that is number one on this list. This article is a list of 10 little indulgences that bring health benefits. You may or may not agree with them but it was a fun list either way.

10 Healthy Pleasures

1. Getting your zzz's - Shoot for at at least 7-8 hours
2. Playing Hooky - Take some time off, relax
3. Sexual Healing - You can fill this part in for yourself
4. A daily Chocolate fix - Just keep it dark
5. Girl's night out - Time to start planning our next get together ;)
6. Full Fat Dressing - Just keep it within the right amounts
7. Your Morning Java - emphasis on Moderate coffee drinking
8. Getting a Rubdown - I could use one of these right now.
9. Basking in the Sun - Just don't forget the Sunscreen
10. Wine with Dinner - Moderation once again

So go indulge in something healthy and don't feel a bit of remorse about it.

This list comes from CNN Health and here is the link to the full article which I highly encourage you to read.


  1. A vacation without kids - I'd just about kill for one of those, I'm tellin' ya. And can I get a Girls' Weekend, Sue? It might have to be done by the seat of our pants, depending on our husbands' crazy work schedules.

  2. #4, I have no problem with this healthy advice.

  3. hmm... my husband would LOVE #3 too :) Great list my friend!

  4. I like it all but I'll just substitute hot chocolate and diet coke for the beverages!!!! Love my sleep, messages, girls nights, chocolate and getting some natural vitamin D.

  5. Little indulgences can go a long way! I agree!