Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stupid Horse Pills

I finally used up my prescription prenatal vitamins, so I went shopping for regular vitamins at the store. What a pain! There are so many choices, it's hard to know what to pick. I finally settled on a big jar of pill packets that each have five big pills in them. I had enough trouble gagging down one big pill, now I have five to deal with. Clearly I did not think about that before I bought them, but at the store I was thinking how much healthier it would be to have the extra fish oil pill, calcium pill, vitamin D3 pill, and cranberry pill (urinary health?). I hope they are worth it.

What do you guys use?


  1. I use the Costco Multi Vitamin Pack

  2. I take several horse size pills every day, those fish and flax seed oil tablets are huge. I know a lot of the H-wives are take the Costco Multi Vitamin pack.

  3. I take only one pill- a generic multivitamin for women. And I can barely remember to do that!


    Here is the link the post I did about multivitamins. I can't say you won't still get a horse pill but it's worth comparing.

    I can put the whole handful in my mouth and wash it down most days. But it's not fun!