Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This put a big smile on my face

Sometime yesterday evening I received a phone call from an unknown number. I'm in the habit of ignoring numbers that I don't recognize {too much history with bill collectors :)}, so I promptly hit the ignore button and went about my business. As I was setting my alarm on my cell phone before bed, I noticed there was a message. I was absolutely TICKLED PINK to hear the voice of Melissa, calling to say "You Rock!" and congratulate me on how the weight loss is going. It was so fun to hear her voice, to hear how she sounds like the Dragonfly and the Queen Vee. Melissa, thank you for your thoughtful message, I'll be calling you later today! :)

Samantha & Melissa, September 2009

Do you know the story of Melissa and the Queen Vee and Samantha? If not, you really must read:
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I love these Carlson women, and Audrey and Mindy, too. Victoria, I'm TOTALLY going to take you up on your offer to come out for a visit once I reach my goal weight!

As an aside, I had an interesting experience yesterday. I woke up late, right when Lily was supposed to catch the bus, so I didn't get my early morning workout in. I dinked around the rest of the morning, thinking maybe I would skip exercise for the day. It was totally snowing, but the weather was supposed to improve the second half of the week, so I figured I could put in a couple of longer bike rides and make up the points. I tried to work on some chores so I woudn't feel like a total slug. I only got the kitchen halfway clean and then I helped Amelia make some hand-dipped chocolate suckers.

I did quite a bit of snitching and I was in danger of going over my calories by the end of the day, so I caved and took a nap while Mack was napping so I wouldn't stuff food in my mouth. Do any of you use this tactic to keep yourself from eating? Well, it kept me from eating, but I ended up just feeling lousy because I'd eaten a bunch of candy, didn't exercise, didn't do very many chores and then I sluffed off and slept. So about 5pm, after finding out that my husband was working late, I decided to bag the soy bean stir-fry I was going to make for dinner and save it for the next day. Instead I got my workout clothes on, did a quick 30 minute workout, then fixed Cream of Wheat for dinner.

In some ways I wonder if I'm becoming too obsessed with fitness and nutrition. I mean, WHO is this woman who can't stand to miss a day of exercise? It has turned into such a benchmark for daily accomplishment that unless I have a really good excuse (like being sick or being out of town) I just feel bad about myself if I don't do it. I'm glad to be losing weight and getting healthier, but I wonder if my attitude needs a little adjustment. Any thoughts?


  1. It was fun making that unexpected call. I did it because you totally deserve a big over the phone "Hoorah!" About being "obsessed," I think this challenge is structured so that our choices about a lot of little things are at the forefront of our thoughts. That's especially the nature of the journaling and point tracking.

    I think the hope is that these good habits will, over time, become second nature to us and we won't have to track quite as diligently; it will come more naturally.

    When my kids were little, I would nap with them for sure. But now that they are older, my strategy for avoiding food temptations is to fill my heart/mind/hands with serving others, tackling home projects or doing a special activity with the kids, preferably outside.

  2. Guilt is a good thing, being OCD right now is a good thing because like Apis said, "I think the hope is that these good habits will, over time, become second nature to us and we won't have to track quite as diligently; it will come more naturally." Guilt helps us to develop those good habits.

    I'm proud of you that your mind and body were nagging you to get that exercise in for the day and that you didn't ignore it.

    I find that on days when I take a nap, which is rare, I feel like the whole day is wasted and then I can't sleep at night. It's so easy to take a nap when you have young kiddos in the house, just keep yours to a short power nap or as we say in the C family, "a snapper". (Short Nap)

    We'll have to work something out for a fall trip when we will both be a mere shadow of ourselves.

  3. What an amazing story! WOW!! Thanks for sharing.

    I am the same as you when it comes to exercise. I seriously have to get it in every day even when we go out of town. I am one of those crazies who gets up at 4:38 am to get it in!
    Good thinking on the nap thing. I am trying to keep myself busy and out of the kitchen too!

  4. Thanks for the shout out Sue! I knew Apis was going to call you and I knew you'd enjoy it! You are a healthy life poster child right now, so keep on obsessing! We're all following right along with you.

  5. WOW! Thanks for sharing such a great story between the two sisters. That was absolutely amazing.