Sunday, April 11, 2010

Struggles and Success

After drinking Diet Coke as most of my fluid intake except when I exercised drinking lots of water has become a natural thing for me in the last month. I keep a glass next to the sink all the time and whenever I walk over there I either finish off whats in the glass or I fill it up again.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still enjoying my soda but at more strategic time (more to come on that) and less of it. I could seriously drink 18 or more cans a week and that didn't always count what I might have while I was out and about. Now it's about 4 cans a week. Success.

I enjoy my water, sometimes flavored sometimes not but now it's not so hard to get all that water in.

Now here is what I'm still struggling with. I like to eat at night. Now you know from my post from last week about getting your calories in early that I KNOW BETTER! But it's still a struggle. I'm not eating as much but I'm having a hard time not going for a late night snack. I try to make good choices but it's still energy that's not being burned and therefore is being stored as fat. So now that I've outed myself I hope that you try to keep me in line and check on my progress. I hope that I can improve in the next two weeks!


  1. What are you doing late at night when you feel the need of a snack? Are you near the kitchen late at night?

    Late night snacking was a problem for me too but in the past 5 weeks I've been able to completely stop it. I think my main motivation for that is I would really like to lose some weight and being menopausal I have to work harder than you younger women. I brush my teeth early in the evening and stay away from the TV near the kitchen so that I'm not tempted to take a wee snack here and there.

    Good for you on the soda consumption. I'm completely done with that too.

    For me becoming healthy is about having control and discipline...I'm slowly getting there.

    Call me when you feel the need of a night snack and I will tell you NO.

  2. I have the night snack problem too. I only get the 1 Before Bed point a couple times a week. The reason it's an issue for me is that I save up for the end of the day and if I've eaten well during the day I can have a treat after I get the kids in bed, but that time is usually less than 2 hours before my bedtime. And I like having a treat when I can relax and no little people are making demands. But today, I built my treat--an ice cream parlor visit--into the middle of the day and that worked out beautifully.