Monday, April 12, 2010

Kitchen sink

Somedays I'm a bit too ambitious. Like tonight. Cornflake encrusted halibut, two potato latkes, green salad and fresh strawberries. It was so ambitious that the green salad never even made it to the table. But I knew I was heading toward a food-tastrope before then because of the tell tale signs:

1) my kitchen sink is filled to the brim with dirty dishes even before we sit down to dinner
2) no one likes the new recipes but me
3) all those not in favor make sure I am fully aware of that fact (except my gracious husband who kindly said "I just didn't appreciate this one.")

Sometimes cooking healthy can be downright messy and the troops, downright hard to please.


  1. I bet it was super delicious! Latkes from scratch? I'm sure my kids would have thought the they like any kind of fish?

    Keep trying...they might surprise you one day.

  2. Yeah, I made parmesan tilapia for a second time and everyone spurned it except for Mack. I thought it was freakin' delicious, so if they want to have hot dogs instead, fine, that just means more leftovers for me to enjoy!

    And if it's any consolation, my kitchen sink is ALWAYS full before we sit down to dinner.

  3. Your photo and post screams "Real Life." I love REAL life, don't you?
    Kudos for trying such a great menu even though it may not have turned out quite the way you had planned.