Monday, April 12, 2010

How my Journey is going...

I have been with this health challenge for 3 weeks and I have been so grateful! I have had some bad eating days but like most of you, they have been about once a week instead of 3 or 4 times a week!
Audrey did a pos about how to know if your really hungry or not and that has stuck with me. When I think I am hungry, I ask myself if I am wanting veggies or if I am wanting chocolate or salty snacks. I am more aware of my REAL hunger vs. my EMOTIONAL hunger. There really is a difference!
Journaling is key, making sure I am getting enough veggie's, fruits and protein are the most important for me. When I do this I am more satisfied which makes it easier to stay on track! My personal challenge for myself is to get 80 grams of protein in a day. I never realized how much it would help!

My challenge is my emotional eating and focusing on the HEALTH reasons for taking care of my body. I hate when I don't see immediate results on the scale. For some reason, my body takes about a month of really good eating to start showing the results. I can also eat bad for a month and lie to myself that it isn't affecting me until all of a sudden I am up 5 lbs for NO reason :) Darn consequences!!

I have to remind myself that my success is when I wake up in the morning feeling wonderful because I didn't eat so much that my stomach still hurts. It is a successful day when I have done my very best to take care of my body physically and spiritually... no matter what that scale might say!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I've also learned to distinguish between hunger and the munchies. When I crave stuff all day, I try to eat extra protein to make me feel full, and I sneak in small treats (100 calories or less) to satiate my need for junk. And I tell myself that I can eat lots of goodies on my free day. That seems to be working so far.

  2. I'll have to remember the veggie vs chocolate question. If I'm wanting to eat, ask myself if I want chocolate or veggies. If I want chocolate, maybe I'm not so hungry. I love these posts.

  3. I agree with "journaling is key." Writing things down is always a powerful tool of self-reflection.