Sunday, January 30, 2011


I'm angry at my college friend, Shannon, for leaving her chocolate cake at my house!!  It's 11:15pm on Saturday, if I wait 45 minutes, I can eat it!  (Just kidding, I'll wait and have it for breakfast tomorrow!)
: D


  1. People can be so insensitive!

    Just wait until I post my naughty treat recipes tomorrow... (wink)

  2. The Queen told me last night that she was going to bring a big tin of cookies for my boys to eat. I told her don't do it, because I'll toss them in the garbage. I should tell her to bring a small baggie of them for the boys...that I won't touch.

    I hope you enjoy your chocolate cake for breakfast!

  3. I asked a friend if she wan't some of the boyfriend cookies the other day and she said NO! She and her hubby were doing a food detox. But she did let me bring two, one for each of her boys. I thought I was a good friend for asking first; but a bad healthy wife for eating my way through them.

  4. Dump the cake Missy, and not down your throat.

    Audrey I had bags of cookies prepared for all the grands and left them on the counter. I would never inflect the whole tin on you.