Sunday, January 30, 2011

And the bracelet goes to...

My 10 year old picked the bracelet winner this morning. He felt the awesome power of his responsibility. And the winner is: Cammy! Yeah Cammy! And, if my math is correct, you posted thrice this go round. The hat karma was working in your favor!

I'll get your address from Audrey.

Happy Sabbath Day and day of rest and treats, ladies!


  1. Well deserved Cammy, post of picture of it on your healthy happy wrist please.

  2. I am so excited! Thanks Melissa for the generous prize. I will wear it with pride and post a picture just for you Queen :) Oooh maybe this can be an excuse to get a new shirt.

  3. Yay Cammy!!!! You'll have so much fun showing it off!!! With your new shirt! (wink wink)

  4. Wear it with pride Cammy! congrats!!!