Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anything for a couple extra points...

I'm desperate for points. I ate my calorie range (1800) in chocolate alone tonight (while I watched The Biggest Loser on the internet, no less) and I haven't exercised all week (the temperature has been in the single digits in the day and -30 at night, and I've had sick kids all week). So I'm posting this.

I hope it gives you a good laugh.

Amelia wanted to make a movie with Lily's little camera. "Pretend you made movies. You have to dress up. Here, wear your boots. Yeah, and that green jacket." The rest was just me workin' it for the camera. SOOKIE! 1-25-11

Two things: I need to wear longer shirts to cover up my gut. And I REALLY need to do some running to get some sort of definition back into my backside. I have total pancake booty.

P.S. Did you know that Justin on the Biggest Loser is from Cokeville?


  1. Yes, the Nativity is still up. I have at least taken down the tree, though. Anyone have any cute and easy valentine decoration ideas, keeping in mind that the nearest Walmart is over an hour away...?

  2. Susieeeeee!!!! We just took down our tree yesterday. It officially stayed up until February this year. Sad.

    Valentine projects?!! Hellooooo!!! You know I have to send you some stuff now!! What were you thinking, NOT asking me for some stuff! Watch out, I've got you now! Muah-ha-ha-ha! Check out for some ideas, and I'll cut 'em out for you. Sheesh!

    You know you are awesome, Sookie!

  3. LOL very cute. The things we will do for the kiddos.

  4. Sue, it was so good to see you and in a live action sequence too.

  5. That was too funny! I love the outfit :-) You're girls think you're awesome!! So do we!

    I can't see a gut and I think the pancake butt is a hereditary thing. My mom has one...I don't, I'm lucky but my sisters both do, I think. Squats will help that a little...but not much ;-)

    You look amazing!

  6. Welcome back! We want to see some more... :) You are great!