Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dabbling in Jewelry

Well, you know how one thing leads to another. This post has practically nothing to do with HWHL blog, but Melissa's awesome exercise bracelet she found thrifting led to some wishful searching for the source, and that post led to someone (I think it was Jill) asking to see some of my jewelry. So here goes:

This is my latest creation, and my current favorite set to wear

A turquoise set I made for Sue this summer. I've been meaning to make one for me and my mother, but haven't gotten to it.

Also one of my current favorites, a short necklace, choker-style. Love the coral color, matches a shirt I have.

Binky clips seem to be a specialty of mine. It's what motivated me to start learning beading in the first place.

Emma binky clip

Sue's baby Mack binky clip

I love this pic, I should frame it. I can only aspire to photograph like Sue...
I liked the ladybug binky clip so much, I wound up making a matching necklace and bracelet.

Got bink? This is about a year ago, and this whole binky-making thing is probably the main reason we are approaching her 3rd birthday and she is totally addicted to binkies. I'm constantly yanking her binks out of her mouth so I can understand what she is saying. Emma tonight -
She was with me at the docs this week when we were getting Sammy's shots up to date, and he commented, "She's getting a little too old for those." Sigh...

One of the first jewelry sets I made.

This post (click here) tells the saga of why I started beading. It didn't take long for it to get out of control, and now I have a HUGE utility tote (the 60 to 80 gallon kind) full of jewelry supplies. I have craft-supplies issues. I'm an addict. I need a sugar daddy or benefactor of some kind. Either that, or I need to quit buying so much stuff!!! But a girl can dream...


  1. Those are beautiful!! And your kids are so cute! What a talented woman you are!

  2. I want a binkie winkie again just for one of those cute clips!

  3. You and Sue both look fabulous with your slender faces and your new beautiful "Becky Bling".

  4. Your jewelry is beautiful and I must agree with Queen V, YOU AND SUE LOOK FANTASTIC!!!! Your hard work is definitely paying off and it shows in your face. Way to go!

  5. I love the jewelry! I've dabbled in making some myself but as you know it can just take over...

    I've made binky clips before but with ribbon and only a few beads. I love the all bead thing!!! Are they very heavy?

  6. Yes, Audrey, weight on a binky clip is definitely an issue. I try to use "slender" beads, tiny glass beads with only a few precious hefty beads, such as those that have letters of a name, or plastic beads (the ladybug bink is largely plastic beads). Some of the silver-colored metallic beads are hollow. It's a balancing act. But that's the general idea - mostly lightweight beads with a few weighty beads.

  7. Oh, and I tend to use the heavier beads, ironically, on the infant binky clip chains, just because little babies are lying down most of the time and the weight doesn't drag the binky out of their mouth. When they get bigger (needing longer chains) and more active, I definitely have to use the tinier, and less weighty, beads.

  8. Becky you are so talented! Thanks for showing some of your work. I am VERY impressed!