Friday, February 4, 2011

Is it really good??

The ultimate "Power Food" 
Date Balls ( a Larabar knockoff but BETTER!)
They may look a little scary but as my daughters friends say,
"Your mom's yucky food... is so good!"

Before trying this at home I HIGHLY recommend using a VERY good blender.
With that said, I thought pictures would help with this SUPER EASY recipe:

1 cup walnuts or almonds (or ANY kind)
I like to chop them up in the blender first...
1 1/3 cup dates or more if you want a sweeter taste... remove ALL pits or it might get a little dangerous :)
You can chop them up before adding if you want. (it might be a little easier on the blender)
 Put the dates in the blender with the nuts and add 1tsp vanilla and 3-4 TBS cocoa
 Blend it all together!

Roll into balls or any shape you like. They store for a week in the fridge or you can also freeze them.

I LOVE crumbling mine up and putting it in greek yogurt. mmm....

As you can see, it passes the KID test. (not Emily, but she doesn't count!)
 The possibilities are ENDLESS! We have made some that taste just like cookie yummy!
You can look on this website for lot's of recipes.  Larabar knockoffs The recipe above are from a link called "fudge babies"

Dates are very good for you! They are loaded with good stuff... and calories; YET, they are considered a "diet" food because they are so satisfying. They are a great recovery from hard workouts too!
If you try them, let me know what you think, don't be surprised if it becomes a staple at your house too!


  1. Jill, those yucky treats look so yummy! I recently had an appetizer at a fancy restaurant with the following ingredients: dates, chocolates, bacon, garbanzo beans. Doesn't sound promising, but it was the best one bite, I've had in a long time!

    Your son with date ball in mouth: love it!

  2. I am so going to try this. But, I'm going to make them before my kids get home so they don't have a clue until they've told me they want more!!! Thanks for the super food tip!

  3. Those look really good! I wonder if my blender would hold up.

  4. I'm intrigued...

    And since I drink a Spinach Smoothie every day, I bet I could make myself try these!

  5. Ooo Jill I can't wait to try these. I actually really like dates so assuming my blender can hack it these are sure to make an appearance at my house.

  6. These are gluten free! I'm adding the ingredients to my next shopping trip! Thanks Jill. I can't wait to try them!