Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Not Your Ordinary "Regular" Walk

So while I was out in California I was able to get a couple of walks in with my mom. My parents house is perfectly located for some great loop walk/run paths. This particular one is just about 2 miles long and has some great rolling hills.

So the second morning there I get up to walk the dog with my mom. It's a beautiful morning, cool temps, blue skies, no humidity. This is an exercise haven.

As we're walking my mom says to me that we're going to pick some figs off of the tree just ahead for breakfast. I'm thinking to myself that we're not very far into are walk and that's a long way to carry them but I'm like OK.

So we walk up the street and come to this huge lush fig tree right on the road. I pick two handfuls of figs and continue on. Not much longer I look at my mom...she's eating the figs. I start laughing, ohh. this is a little early breakfast treat. So I eat the two handfuls of figs which were juicy and delicious but at the same time I'm thinking what is this going to do to my bowels.

A little further on the walk we had blackberries that were warm and reminded me of having a warm berry pie strait from the oven.

I wish this was my regular walk because I love figs with a little Gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinaigrette and they are expensive in the store.

As a side, I did not suffer any ill effects from this "regular" walk and we did it again....

Mmmm. Figs. Good Stuff.


  1. I love fresh figs! They are sooo delicous. But seriously that is my kind of walk. Exercising outside and eating fresh food at the same time. Love it :)

  2. Ahhh, the creative ways we find to discuss "delicate" topics! Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!

    I don't think I've ever tasted a fresh fig before. I'll have to check that out at the grocery store next time.

  3. My walk is in Heaven and my dog is usually on sensory over load. We see wild turkeys, squirrels, and deer almost daily and have seen cayote, and one time a fox. And of course now you know about my food deli on the way. The figs and plums and blackberries are to die for and free. I'm blessed to have this little bit of heaven in my back yard.

  4. Free breakfast and a walk with your mom. Bet it was hard to come back after that! I've never eaten fresh figs. Sounds delicious

  5. I'm really happy you were able to take THIS walk THIS year.

  6. What a nice walk! Sounds like something in my dreams...except for the figs. We had a fig tree in California growing up, and I tried figs in all sorts of different ways and never really enjoyed eating them. We called them Monkey Brains...(Indiana Jones movie?) How you described them though, I might enjoy that...cheese and balsamic vinaigrette? Sounds pretty good!

  7. And then wrap them in 1/2 slice bacon and bake them til the cheese is melted! Opps... did I say that on this blog? That's one of my favorite appetizers during the holidays.