Friday, September 10, 2010

My Lunch . . .

So, since blogger will no longer let me comment on this blog {what is up with that? Can anyone help me?}- I'm going to try to post about my lunch for Melissa. I had a fresh peach, carrot sticks with hummus, a pulled pork sandwich with zero additional toppings on a whole wheat bun and a big glass of milk.

Tiny Mr. Oliver had two turkey slices, fresh peaches, raisins, a string cheese and whole milk.

Tonight I have a dessert party to go to. I am making a triple berry trifle and oatmeal cookies. Neither are low fat. Both are the exact opposite of low fat. I will try to have only a bite of trifle and one cookie. Aaack!


  1. You can post but not comment? Strange. You should have signed in as yourself on my computer the other day to see if that worked.

    Anyway, lunch sounds yummy. I had some yummy peaches last night too! Today I went to a brunch that was a carbohydrate haven so I've decided to take my free day. But it was YUMMY!

  2. Was that homemade pulled pork? yummy! I keep buying peaches and plums now because I know they'll be gone in a week or two, to be replaced by the fall apples and grapes.

  3. Yes, enjoy the fresh fruit in season, as long as you can. I'm sure we'll miss the produce when winter really sets in.

    Have you contacted Blogger customer service? Just curious. Maybe try clearing out your computer cookies (every website you have entered information on has installed a cookie on your computer.) I think Windows has some kind of function that will allow you to delete cookies and start over. But I'm not an ultra computer guru, so you might want to enlist more advanced help on that one.

  4. Peaches are my favorite fruit, followed by strawberries. And I LOVE pulled pork!! In fact, my husband smoked a pork shoulder on Monday. 17 hours later, it becomes one of the best dishes around!