Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Last Bite

The other day as I was enjoying a yummy zucchini casserole for lunch when I was met with a common predicament. Just over halfway thought eating my lunch I started to feel full. Thus begins the battle between my mind and my body.

My mind says, "Mmmm this is so yummy keep eating."
While my body answers back, "Not too much, stop eating."
Followed by my mind saying, "You can keep eating, you have the calories to spare."
Met by my body's reminder, "You will regret this later if you overeat."

I am trying to be more aware of what my body wants and not be tied so much to numbers but it can be downright hard especially with a food like this that I LOVE! After all it is 95% veggies. Does anyone else have a hard time leaving food on their plate? Especially when you have the calories to spare? Do you have a secret weapon to get through it?


  1. The first thought I have, is that you can tell yourself that the food is SO yummy, that it's worth tasting again later. So, box up what's left and allow yourself to snack on it later. That way, you spread out the calories and prevent yourself from eating something else you would have eaten later in addition to the extra food you want to eat now, thereby nixing some calories out of your day. Sorry if that was confusing.

    Also, I think this will allow you to shrink your stomach over time, so that a smaller amount of food will satisfy you in the long run. After all, isn't that the point of all the gastric bypass surgeries that are done these days, to shrink the stomach? So, do it yourself naturally.

    Since I started counting calories 2-1/2 months ago, I appreciate the consequences so much more of having that second helping. I KNOW I have shrunken my stomach because I just don't overeat anymore. I have only eaten over 2000 calories a few times, and that's because I have become satisfied with a smaller volume of food at a sitting.

  2. I agree with Becky. You don't have to waste the food, just save it for later. Or, next time, start with the portion size that satisfied you this time and see how you feel after that is done.

    I too have found {especially at lunchtime} that my veggie portion sizes can fill me up before I've eaten within my calorie range. So then I save those few calories {because with veggies we're usually not talking about a ton of calories, right?} for later and often they add up to a decadent cup of hot cocoa or one homemade cookie at the end of the day.

  3. Love the advice... My biggest issue is saying no and working on shrinking my stomach. My husband always comes back from Africa 5lbs thinner and with the realization that we eat waay too much in the U.S.
    Thanks for the tips!