Friday, September 10, 2010

Easy to do. Easy not to do.

I have been listening to a new book these last few days and I decided to share a thought or two. He is talking about how slight the edge is between success and failure. We all know things like what food is good for us, that we need exercise, water etc. and they are EASY things to do. But the problem is, it is also EASY NOT to do them. We do not see immediate success. We eat healthy one day, look in the mirror but all that flab has not disappeared. We expect a quantum leap and it doesn't happen. We have to continue to be consistent to see results and in our microwave, immediate gratification world, it is hard.
We have all the information and technology but if we don't have a "processor" we don't have anything to build on. We need to have a philosophy which in turn creates a attitude which leads to action. If immediately after we ate a juicy double cheese burger, we had a heart attack, we wouldn't eat another one. But no, it takes time too. So we can either do the right things and be successful or we will later face the consequences. My philosophy needs to be like our Blog......Healthy Wife, happy life. Then I have something to build on.
Gave me something to think about and confirm that it is the small daily choices that do make a difference.
Lets all have a good weekend. I am attending Time Out For Women so I know it will be great. Twelve of us are staying overnight at the Embassy Suites on the River Front by Old Sac. A real time out for some young mothers.
Becky, have fun scrapbooking. Sorry you are not going to Salt Lake..:( but I'm sure you will have fun. Remember to choose the "easy" things. Mamahaas


  1. This was fantastic! Thank you so much for sharing. Just what I needed tonight. By the way, what book are you listening too? It sounds like a great read.

  2. Thank you, that was a great post. I'm looking forward to tomorrow, although I have to leave in the middle and take my daughter Dani to some ice skating & hockey activities. I might post about that later. And, like Cammy, I am interested in the name of the book you are reading.

  3. Well said, Mama Haas! Gives me something to think about, today.

  4. What a great way to look at how our small choices add up. I like that perspective. Thanks Mama Haas!

  5. Thanks for your comments. The book is called "The Slight Edge" Secret to a Successful Life by Jeff Olson. It is an Audio book which was great because I was making a baby quilt and it helped pass the time.