Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Missing You

In my head it feels like tomorrow is Friday. I kind of wish it was because I'm ready for a fresh start on this challenge. It has been a crazy busy week, some fun, some normal routine, some serving others.

I've tried some new recipes this week that were not so great...bummed about that. I haven't had time to post anything important...bummed about that.

I'm grateful for Becky's post about Accountability. It is the whole reason I started this blog in the first place. I need to be accountable.

We need to hear from everyone. Myself included. We can't do it alone.

Being accountable is what keeps me may be an off week but I haven't given up.

Let us know how you're doing.....


  1. You got it! I'll try to do a post tomorrow!

  2. Not every week is super Blog worthy. Many of mine are filled with things beyond my control or that I choose to give up that control. One blog worthy event is the birth of my 8th grandchild. Sylvain was born yesterday weighing in at 8' 6" 21 3/4 inches long. He has red hair and looks alot like his red headed brother. That is the fourth trip to a hospital this week to visit people. Friday is a funeral. Crazy...

  3. I am ready for a new challenge to start. My "break time" is over and I am itching and ready to get going. I need the accountability too.

  4. I'm struggling with the journaling and the range math this week, but the crazy on-the-go schedule is keeping all that in check!

  5. Since returning home from CO a couple of weeks ago I've had a hard time getting back into my exercise routine and completing goals. Time to be accountable for me too.

  6. I have had a busy couple weeks and have not been great about posting, keeping track of points and eating the best. I am feeling kind of out of sorts and need to figure out what is off in my life right now.