Thursday, September 30, 2010

See You At The Finish Line!

Like I've mentioned lately, the running training for the Wasatch Woman Thanksgiving Point 6K walk/10K run went downhill when school started again. But I still exercise on my Gazelle strider so my muscles, heart and lungs are still on top of things, more or less.

I was curious today how my jogging skills are, what level I'm at one week before the race. So when I found out that Zen wouldn't have to go in to work until 10 am, I ran 3 miles on the treadmill at the gym. It was amazing how easy the first mile was. Then, the real concentration had to kick in. But I did it! That 6k is going to be really hard, I just know it, and not only because it will be closer to 4 miles than 3, but also because the terrain will be harder.

But, you know what? I'm gonna do it, I WILL run that race. Queen Vee is right, I should still challenge myself. It will feel great! So, I'll see you Utah ladies at the finish line a week from Saturday. I'll be slow, but I will finish the race.


  1. Becky,

    With a run like that on your treadmill you will do even better than you think. Running on a treadmill is much harder than running outdoors even with hilly terrain! There is something about being outside and actually going somewhere when you run that gives you that little extra umph! You will do awesome!

  2. I know there are a lot of people who think running on a treadmill is easier than outside, but I agree with Cammy. I think it's so much easier outside.

  3. Fall seems like the ideal time to run. It's beautiful outside, yet a bit chilly. I think you will have a blast and surprise yourself with your mad fitness skilz!

  4. Becky, I have a hard time being motivated to keep going on the treadmill, and for some reason I run a lot faster outside. You did amazing!


  5. You can do it, even if you have to walk part of it. Can't wait to see the pics and read all about it. Go Becky, Jill, Cammy, Alicia and maybe Sue?