Saturday, February 27, 2010

Why A Challenge?

Jonah, my oldest turns eight in two days three days and I've struggled all those years to take off the weight that I put on with him. Both of my boys have been over 9lbs and I've gained 50+ with each.

Over the years I've taken some off and then put some back on but this past year everything went south. I stopped going to the gym for a couple of months, ate everything in sight and even ate really late at night so my husband didn't know what I was eating. I'm talking full size white chocolate chip waffles at 10:30 at night.

I put on more weight than I'd like to realize and now weight more than I did right after giving birth to my second son.

My biggest problem is consistency. Before I'd have a good eating week but a bad exercise week or a great exercise week and eating more food that a normal person should. I could never get both going at the same time.

A friend of mine sent me a link to Ladies Olympic Challenge and I thought it was intriguing. I joined the second session right away and have enjoyed the competitive camaraderie.I found that once I started participating in the Ladies Olympic Challenge it helped me be consistent and it was fun.

This is not about loosing weight. It's about being a more healthy person and if that means you need to loose some weight I hope this helps you. If it's just about learning to eat healthier or drink more water that's great too! I find that what points are awarded for are part of a normal healthy lifestyle. Not something that you can't realistically see yourself doing when you are not participating in the challenge.

I'm hoping that I do loose about 20lbs this year. This would help me be a healthier person.

So, why start this when I've enjoyed doing the Olympic Challenge. I love you guys and I've had conversations with many of you wanting a healthier lifestyle too. Most of the people I've been participating with know each other and I thought, gee, wouldn't this be fun to do with people that I know.... and I thought of all of you.

I hope that you want to join me in my endeavor to be healthy the right way. Being accountable to each other is an important aspect to making changes. It's also about supporting each other.
That is why posting is worth so many points. You can't hide! Post every day and tell us what is going on in your life.

Post your successes.
Post your failures.
Post a quick hello.

If you don't post, we can't get to know you and then you can become anonymous and therefore unaccountable for your lifestyle choices.

This will lead to failure. We don't want to fail, we want to succeed.

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