Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why a week off doesn't have to be an off week

You can tell this is an off week for me just by the picture, right?!

It's an off week because there are two projects that are all-consuming in my life: painting a bathroom under contractor deadline and helping organize a local rummage sale that typically makes over $5000. They are sucking up all my time, including my gym time and the time I spend making more elaborate healthy meals. But I am on my feet, engaged in one or the other for about 6 hours a day. So I'm burning lots of calories....just in slower amount over longer periods of time.

I'm also making lunch on the fly and so it has to be just the basics: slap some veggies, laughing cow and ham on a 100 cal sandwich round. Grab a piece of fruit, refill water bottle, and go. Making it work even though I can't work out (in the traditional sense).


  1. Right on, sister! Fast food doesn't have to mean junk food. Good job!!

  2. Looks yummy to me and what i usually eat for lunch.