Monday, September 27, 2010


What has really made the difference for me? What's the linchpin in my success? The thing that keeps me on track every day? I know that my commitment to being healthy is probably the anchor for everything, the real underpinning, but I gotta tell ya, what makes the difference for me in the nitty-gritty of my daily processes is ACCOUNTABILITY.

There is a point in everyday where I have a choice to make about something. Should I just do 30 minutes on my Gazelle strider, or should I do 60 minutes? Can I eat that pack of crackers, or have I blown my calories already? Is there room for dessert? Have I had enough veggies? And now, since Audrey's post, I've started asking, have I had enough protein? Knowing the outcome of these questions, and what effect they are going to have on my calorie total, my fruits and veggies totals, my water intake totals, and ultimately my points for HWHL and Cat's Challenge, is what keeps me making healthy choices on a daily basis.

If I wasn't accountable to someone or something on a daily basis, I would NOT be experiencing the success that I have. NO WAY, not in a million years. How many years have I told myself to be healthier, how many times have I wished I could weigh less, but never actually done anything about it? How many times have I started an exercise program, and then flopped a few weeks later? I don't know if it's shallow, but I live for the points. The numbers do matter to me. They help me stay on track. I KNOW what is really going into my body, instead of guessing or deluding myself that I'm eating healthy if I had a carrot stick that day, when really I've also had a dozen cookies, and not any other fruits and veggies that day. It's all there in black and white, and I know for certain if I'm being healthy or not.

It's like spirituality. What keeps most people on track, I think, is believing deep down that you are accountable to Heavenly Father, that there will be consequences to your thoughts and actions. That you will have to face Him someday for the choices you have made.

So, keep counting those calories, keep participating, involve yourself in the process because it's going to make a big difference in the long run. You can do it!! Forget the past, and start from this day forward!!

P.S. I have not forgotten about my prize for Audrey, last session's winner. Audrey, email me and let me know what kind of cards you like (stamped images, patterned paper, more simple graphic design or lots of embellishments) and what variety you need (birthday, thank-you, christmas, generic, halloween greeting). Also email your address, so I can mail them! Thanks, Becky


  1. Becky

    You are so awesome! Thanks for that motivating post tonight.

  2. You are a fierce competitor and you're found a system that truly motivates for you. I admire the thoroughness of you Battle Blog. I sneak a peak over there regularly and just gloat over your success. You've taken accountability to the next level and have inspired us all. Thank you!

  3. Good choices (CTR), obedience, discipline, and accountably will guarantee our success in this life and the next. You're brilliant Becky because you're developing these attributes and moving forward both physically and spiritually with just a little help from your friends. The ladies here at HWHL are terrific supporters. Great posting Becky.