Monday, June 21, 2010

The Amusement Park

I am planning a day with the kids at an amusement park on Wednesday and since I am also planning to win this challenge (oops! did I say that out loud?) I am in need of a serious game plan. Fortunately this park allows you to bring in your own food which will help tremendously but I already know it is going to be tough when I start smelling the funnel cake and popcorn and see the glistening ice cream. I plan to bring in my own lunch, dinner and snacks to munch throughout the day but that's only part of the battle so I am turning to all of you for some advice and suggestions on beating the amusement park temptations. Any ideas?


  1. Well, my first thought was don't bring a lot of money. No money, no choice but to eat what you bring.

    Also, bring nose plugs for the sweet smell of cinnamon rolls...

    Dark glasses so you can't see the beautifully powdered sugar on the funnel cake...

    Earplugs so you can't hear the sheer joy of children as they inhale that ice cream...

    Pretty much cut off as many of your senses as you can as you RUN to the next ride.

    Just kiddin'. You'll do great, Cam! Just focus on the activity and not the food. And think of the sugar crash you'll successfully avoid by packing a healthy lunch.

    Have fun!!

  2. My first thought was like Jennifers...don't bring the money. Or just enough for your kids to have a treat.

    My next thought is pack yourself something yummy. Yes, a treat but in a controlled portion so that you feel like you're getting something yummy yourself.

    A 3 Musketeers or Musketeer Crips is a good option if you like that type of thing.

  3. Bring your mental armor!

    Tell yourself the truth: you'll have more energy to have fun if you eat healthy; you're saving money; your packed sandwich, fruit and veggie, and snacks taste better than the park offerings. You know where the food you brought has been and how clean the hands and tools are that have touched it; you will use up more calories than you eat IF you eat mostly healthy. Also, look up the calories of all your amusement park favorites before you go. That way when you pass the funnel cake stand, you can look it in the eye and say "I don't need those 800 calories" (just made that # up) I'd rather have _______________________(fill in the healthy blank).

    And then, go ahead, pick one park treat, save it for the end of the day and indulge.

  4. It's hard to top the great suggestions from Audrey, Apis and Jennifer, I think they are all really great. For me it would be making the decision before I got into the park, I would decide up front that I wouldn't be buying any of the expensive junk food. I'm really cheap and when I was a young mother buying the tickets pretty much maxed out the funds so we didn't indulge in buying park food.

  5. Are you going to Stake Lagoon Day tomorrow?! I'm so bummed we're missing it. For me, it's all mental. Mental games I have to play with myself. I have to have a mental plan. You'll do great and if you can conquer this, you know you're going to kick some booty in this challenge.

  6. These are great ideas. I usually just look at the price, look at how many kids I have to feed and that does it for me.

  7. Thanks gals for all the advice. I post tomorrow about how it all went down.