Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Peas in a pod

Hi Ladies!

Aren't these English peas adorable? A couple seasons back on Top Chef, one of the finalists made fresh English peas with a little thyme, butter, garlic, sea salt and pepper for a world renowned chef/judge. The finalist made other things too, but all I remember was how the judge-chef kept raving about the peas. I've been wanted to have freshly shelled peas ever since. So that was my new vegetable of the week. The taste was spot on. The peas, however, were a bit woody despite adequate cook time. Clearly, I have a ways to go before Top Chef comes a knocking at my door. Still, I will try peas again. Super easy, elegant and tasty.


  1. Apis, I love your posts! It's funny how we come to know each others writing, and can guess who wrote it before we even check! I love peas too. My kids think it is so fun to take the shell off and eat the inside. Sugar Snap peas are great in hummus.

  2. I think really good fresh peas are hard to find unless you grow your own. As a child I use to love to go into my aunts garden and pick and eat them raw as a snack. You might check a farmers market for peas although I think peas are a late spring/early summer crop. Peas were Thomas Jefferson's favorite vegetable and one of mine too despite the fact that they are a bit high in calories for a veggie.

  3. MMMM, peas. I'm sure you could grow peas. They grow really easily. Maybe a thought for next spring.

    Alicia, when I was little I use to pop the peas out of their skins...but them my mom would make me eat all the skins, yuck. So, I learned to like them with the skins.

    I grew sugar snap peas last year! YUM.