Monday, June 21, 2010

This tip could save your life!

Hi ladies!

I've been thinking about food and eating lots of good food since these challenges started. I've also been thinking about my teeth. Have you noticed that on days when you've eaten healthy, good-for-you foods, you don't need to brush and floss quite as much? That comment may seem a bit TMI, but, truly, there are a whole bunch of studies out there that have linked bad teeth and gums to Alzheimer's, heart disease, strokes, diabetes, lung disease and even miscarriage. Google it, if you want to learn more!

Yeah, I'm a bit of a teeth freak. I don't like the feel of plaque on my teeth; so I'm one of those people who actually likes to floss. All this to say that as you make your way through this challenge, consider adding the humble dental floss to your healthy regime.


  1. So true! I did terrible this weekend and I definitely noticed a difference in the smoothness of my teeth.

    I'm with you, I love that feeling of a freshly flossed, brushed and rinsed mouth. Ahhh refreshing!

  2. I love to brush my teeth...flossing too if I remember. Gum disease in women also leads to heart problems...brush brush brush.

  3. I hate to floss, but I know it's importnat so I am trying to make myself like it. I can tell a difference on how my teeth feel by the way I eat.