Sunday, June 20, 2010

16 weeks

We'll, I've also been absent, in all aspects, except for checking this blog daily and commenting occasionally. I haven't walked in about a month because, frankly, when the heat index is over 105, it's just disgusting (and it's been like that for about 3 weeks...or raining). I don't handle heat well. And I don't have a treadmill. I should get one.

I've made it to my 16 week mark and have gained a total of 4 pounds. I'm pretty sure it's all in my boobs and love-handles...maybe a little in my butt. Although my stomach is definitely bigger, but not really fatter, so that's good. I confess that the food I'm consuming isn't all that great. I am eating sugary things like there is no tomorrow. It's kind of odd, because even though I've always had a sweet tooth, for the past year (before I became pregnant) I had no desire for sweets. And while I have been craving all sorts of fruits, and eat cherries, melon, peaches, nectarines, pineapple, and so on, daily, my veggie intake is minimal. I'm eager to try the recipes you all have posted. I feel challenged however, because my husband's doctor told him (years ago) to go off "ruffage and greens", apparently he has IBS and eliminating gassy, fibrous foods is supposed to help. Except that he wants a complete meal on the table. When he does eat veggies, like broccoli, beans, or brussels sprouts, he likes them steamed, and that's it. No garlic, or herbs, or anything that might add some sort of dimension. And then there are always leftover steamed veggies. *sigh* I'm having a hard time incorporating the leftovers into another dish, so I just reheat and serve again. He hates pasta, so I never make anything but spaghetti (which is the only pasta he eats, okay, I take that back, he eats ramen noodles too, but I wouldn't really consider that a pasta). I'm going crazy! I'm so sick of meat and rice (potatoes aren't his favorite). He grudgingly eats the brown rice I serve, or the whole wheat spaghetti, but sometime just not at all. AAAHHHHH! Please help me.


  1. Jenn, you are not alone. I have slowly been making changes for my entire family. Some have not been well received, but some have! Those are the successes I focus on. For the veggies, I would try roasting with oil, salt & pepper. Healthy way to cook most veggies and a bit tastier than steaming. I've also been making myself healthier, tasty salads for lunch (cutting the recipe in 1/2 or by 1/3), stuff the rest of my family won't eat.

    One other idea: what does your husband like to eat when you go out to a fancier restaurant? Maybe you could try recreating that meal.

    With the steamed veggies, stick them all in the blender at the end of the week, add some salt, pepper, a little milk and some other spice/herb (curry, cumin, lemon pepper are some good ones), blend and heat and you've got a yummy soup.

  2. Good suggestions from Apis, I've just spent pretty much the whole day in the kitchen and I'm brain dead tonight. Tomorrow I'm driving M and M and girlies to Williamsburg. Maybe Mindy and I can come up with some great ideas for you during the 6 hours of driving. Hang in there Jenn, you're doing great on your weight.

  3. WOW Jen, that is tough! I do agree with Apis. My kids aren't adventurous, so I am working on that. My lunches always consits of the foods I like to eat. That would be so tough if it's the husband who's picky. Maybe see if he would be adventurous enough to let you cook a few of your own kind of meals every week and then cook the rest of the meals to his liking? Let us know how it goes. I think we all have some picky eaters in our family.

  4. Making a vegetable soup is a great idea! My husband's idea of the perfect meal consists of a giant ribeye, salad, rolls, and au gratin potatoes, all of which we had last night for Father's Day dinner. I think a picky husband is so much more difficult than picky kids. You can tell your kids that "This is what's for dinner, if you don't eat, you don't eat" (at least that's what I tell my kids), but say that to an adult, and it doesn't go over well. There is a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth.

    I hope The Queen and Mindy can help also (Mindy might have a better idea of what her brother likes to eat...even if I've been married to him for 12 years) :)

    I'll definitely let you know how it goes Alicia! Getting my husband to eat some healthy meals, even just twice a week, WITHOUT complaining, has become my goal for the year!

  5. Jenn, I have been following this blog of a girl who has ibs too, and I really like how she eats. When I follow her recommendations, I do really well. ( I was diagnosed with ibs 10 years ago and just revisited it with my new doctor. I wanted to know if it was what I really had. I need to have a colonoscopy last of all to rule out anything there, but I have found that I can control my symptoms purely with what I eat. Check it out. Here's the address: She's got some great recipes and info for people with ibs. It's good to hear from you again!