Friday, February 25, 2011

To Tri or Not to Tri...

My sister-in-law has invited me to do a sprint triathlon the end of August. It sounds like it would be a lot of fun and I really want to do it but here is my hangup. I am NOT a swimmer. Not that I am at risk of drowning near water, I took swimming lessons all through my youth but the last time I got in a pool to swim laps (4 years ago, eek!) I thought I was going to die. I couldn't get the breathing thing down, I felt awkward with my strokes and turns etc. Needless to say I felt like a fish out of water. My sister told me that getting in the pool and just swimming laps a few times will cure my problems but I am scared to go to a public pool with anyone around. Not because I am afraid of donning a swimsuit but because I am afraid I will get kicked out of the lap pool for holding everyone up. Is that completely silly or what?


  1. Cammy, do it! There will be space for you! People are really kind courteous, you don't have anything to worry about. I used to swim at steiner aquatics for an hour a day all summer. Before I started I was so nervous. It had been years since I had swam laps, but I was having hip issues and couldn't run yet, so my dr told me to swim. The first day I went I was so nervous, but a cute old man invited me to join his lane. He was faster than me and probably 4 times my age, but everyone was so kind. I swam with him all summer. You just have to go once and you'll be hooked. Good luck Cammy, and do it!!!!!

  2. DO IT! I agree with Marci.

    You can do this Cammy!

  3. DO IT, DO IT! I've been wanting to do a sprint tri for years. Last year I did a duathalon and I loved it. I was afraid of the transitions.

    Get in the pool and swim. I agree with Marci, you will be welcomed and probably helped and encouraged. Is the swim in a pool or lake? If it's in a lake I recommend swimming there a couple of times along the shore line to get use to it. I have a great article that I'll dig up and send you because I WANT YOU TO DO THIS!

    Remember, especially in a sprint tri, many or most are doing this for the first time just like you!!1

  4. I was just like you! I committed to a sprint tri and forced myself to learn. I had old men stop and ask me if they could give me some advice... I always welcomed ANY advice! It was so much fun. I haven't done one since because my knee always seems to get bugged on bikes but I say DO IT!! Even if you have to take a lesson or two... your kids will be so proud of you!
    I have to say the pool tri is much less intimidating, for me anyway! (I hate open water!) Good luck!

  5. I feel the same way about swimming. I've found at my gyms in the past that the serious swimmers (the mean ones) are usually swimming in the early morning. If it's possible, swim at the time when you know the pool will be less busy so that you can get comfortable with it. ;)