Monday, February 21, 2011

Hello my new friends!

Hi!  My name is Rose!  I live in Lehi, Utah and am a friend of Jill's.  I get paid for what I do, but in blessings, not monetary means!  I live with 5 boys ages 13-21 (one set of twins), a dog and an awesome racquetball partner!  He's my sweetheart!  He backs me up on the court and off.  We love it here in Lehi!

I have been following your blog for a awhile and like what you ladies are doing!    I admire those of you that run...away from food!  My main exercise is on the racquetball court, but if I feel I haven't worked hard enough I put in a good 20-30 min. of cardio.  I'm looking forward to warmer weather because I like uphill runs!  I am determined to get back to my Healthy Self! 

I'll admit, I have a good 40-50 lbs to be back to my healthy weight.  I've discovered that my downfall is a lack of planning!  I sat down with a friend last week and planned out a week and a half of meals.  My boys are very skinny (family trait that only last until age 25) and I have one boy that is going through chemo treatments that has lost a lot of weight. Jake's BLOG   My challenge is to fix healthy food to fatten them up, not me!  So far, so good!

My sis-in-law wanted me to do the hCG diet with her.  I looked over the diet plan and decided it just wasn't reasonable or healthy.  My gym was offering a Biggest Loser program, but I wanted to focus more on healthy intake.  I looked over the Weight Watchers program and that looked like a more reasonable way to go...with a more healthy twist.

So off to the grocery store to stock up on fresh veggies, fresh fruit and some fish (because there was no such thing as fish in my freezer!).  I had already given up on white bread and found a fabulous whole wheat bread that satisfied my carb cravings with just one piece!  The kids weren't too keen on some of the veggies I was fixing, but they ate some of them!  I tried out the Tilapia recipe I found here on your blog (FABULOUS!).  For the 5 people here, 3 loved it, 2 didn't.  I was thinking last night that I didn't want to get tired of the 4 veggies I had been eating this week so I went to Costco and raided their frozen veggie section!  I'm excited to try some new (easy) stuff!

The good news is...after a week of doing all the right stuff, I have lost 8 lbs!  I was so surprised!  I kept weighing myself to make sure it wasn't a fluke!  I didn't starve myself, I didn't do any fad diets, I didn't take any diet pills and I didn't feel like I was too restrictive!  I did have a piece of cake, I did eat 2 fun size candy bars, I did eat salads and veggies, fish and meat...and I did lose weight and I feel great!

You guys were right all the time!  Healthy Wife, Happy Life!
Here's to many  more healthy life choices! :)


  1. Rose, welcome welcome! It is so fun to see a new face on here and congratulations on losing 8 pounds too, that is AWESOME! Looks like you have a great game plan in place. I can't wait to get to know you better.

  2. Okay I just came back from reading some of Jake's blog and I just have to say WOW you(and your family) are AMAZING and inspiring!

  3. Thanks Cam!
    If you're interested, there's a link to my blog on his blog. I documented his chemo journey on my blog a few weeks ago.

    Fun to make new friends!

  4. Rose...welcome, welcome!
    Wow, that was a terrific introduction and congrats on the success you are having....8 lbs means you are a winning loser. So delighted that you have joined us. I look forward to knowing you better and I will definitely check out Jake's blog.

  5. Ha Ha! What a surprise to see my dear friend Rose!! WELCOME my friend WELCOME!! It's nice to have someone so close by.
    Way to go on losing 8 lbs and doing it the right way! Don't worry, your kids will get used to it or maybe they will get sick of it and move out :)

    LOVE YOU!!

  6. Welcome Rose!! Glad to have you here. :)
    I have an Aunt who lives in Lehi. (and tons of other family in Utah County too) Congrats on your success so far!! Looking forward to hearing more about your triumphs.

  7. Rose! So good to hear more about you! You are doing amazing already. Isn't it amazing by just making healthy choices you can better yourself without a fad diet.

    Keep up the good work, the meal planning, the positive attitude!!!

  8. Hi Rose! Welcome! I'm so excited to get to know you. Congrats on your recent loss...of weight that is. Keep up the good work.

  9. Hey, just checked out Jake's blog. Wow, we'll be praying for you guys over here.

  10. Hi Rose! I'm in absentia this go round, but am so excited to have you on board. Your early success is such positive encouragement for you and a reminder for us all that if we stay true to the HWHL point guidelines, we will indeed see/feel results!

  11. Hi Rose! It's fun seeing someone on here that I actually know (you know me as the youngest Hansen girl). I look forward to following your progress and perhaps at some point I will sign on as well. :)