Friday, February 25, 2011

Managing Deprivation

Let's face it, dealing with food can be a lifetime struggle. I've just bottomed-out this session. I'm still exercising, because I NEED it everyday to just stay sane, but I've just about given up on controlling my eating. It's been a stressful few weeks coming to grips with my financial reality (Reader's Digest version - I got in waaaay over my head buying inventory for my pseudo-scrapbooking-business, and now I have a TON of debt). I was talking to Sue today, and she reminded me of something I'd said to her when she and Dan were struggling through their financial crossroads months back. There's just only so much deprivation you can manage at any given time. And the food is falling off my radar as something that I have the mental strength and energy to deal with. I hope that once the dust settles in a month or two, and a regular plan is in place, and I've managed to clear out some of the inventory, that I'll be able to press on and get back on track.


  1. Becky,
    Sorry life has been so hectic. Maybe Audrey's new challenge will allow you to ease back into things without getting too overwhelmed. I hope things start looking up soon. HUGS!

  2. I know you'll do the best you can. Just don't completely fall off the band-wagon. Hang in there girl friend!