Thursday, December 9, 2010


I know I'm totally late but since Audrey didn't post her Thunder Bumper today, I'm sliding this in at the very last moment possible!! I am thankful for a lot of things, but the thing I am thankful for the most, is my FAMILY.
My Dad is the most calm, loving and positive man I know. Even when things are less than great, things are "GREAT!" He gives the best hugs and always has great advice. He works way harder than any person should at both work and church. He is super passionate about everything he does which is an awesome quality to have. My Mom is a lover. She has 5 crazy (or previously crazy) kids who have taken her through hell and back, but she still loves each and every one of us to death. Having someone love you despite your faults, mistakes, etc is the best thing one could ask for. A lot of parents can't do that, and she is amazing for that.

Being my oldest sister, Audrey has been the person I've looked up to all my life. Since I am 11 years younger than her, I didn't get much time with her before she left for college, but I still wanted to be just like her! Now that I'm "grown up" I admire her even more for her super woman capabilities in being a mom, cleaning, organizing and just being plain awesome. Her (fast) husband Chris is pretty awesome as well. They are also parents to the funniest kids I know.

My sister Heidi definitely keeps things interesting in our family and I love her for her energy and loving personality. She's creative and never gives up on what she wants. My niece Makayla is officially a teenager and that is kind of freaking me out! She's wearing makeup and in middle school and that is just too much for me. I am thankful for how strong of a person she is!!

I am so thankful for my brother Tyson & his 2 (almost 3) sweet girls. They are the best people to hang out with and are always doing something fun. I can always count on my brother to be there for me in anything I do. He definitely has my Dad's positive attitude and is such a hard worker.

I am so thankful for my brother Jared for his super persistence to achieve his goals. He works hard at everything he does from work to sports and is totally in love with his family. I am also thankful for my sister in law for being so funny and putting up with my crazy brother. I don't know how how she manages with 4 kids, but they sure are a cute family!

Sorry for the long post! Without my family, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I am so lucky to be able to call them my family!


  1. aw, sweet post. Looks and sounds like you have a lovely extended family!

  2. WOW! What an awesome post! I vote you get 20 points for such a detailed post, and with pics!!

  3. That is an awesome post Chelsea. It's funny how being the youngest you have such a profound insight of your older siblings. You always find the good. You get that from dad :-)

    I love you too and am grateful for the relationship we've fostered now that you've "grown-up"

    Great picture of mom and dad!

  4. What a great family you have. Thanks for sharing them with us!

  5. What a great little post. Chelsea, you are amazing and I think that you have the greatest family ever! (Your momma is simply amazing!)

    If your friendship is any reflection of how great you are with your family, then I would have to say that it must be an amazing family to be part of. <3

    Love you lots bestie!

  6. Chelsea, I enjoyed reading all the lavish praise and looking at all the pretty pictures of your family!

  7. I'm teary eyed Chels. What a lovely and loving gratitude post. You have a wonderful family and I too am grateful for them. You add to the luster of the Haas clan making it complete.