Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Here's to a better week?

I didn't do so well last week.
  • 3~~the number of times I exercised 
  • 1~~the number of times I drank all 64 ounces of water
  • 3~~the number of days I got my veggies all in
  • 2~~the number of days I stayed under my calorie goal
  • 7~~the number of days I read my scriptures!
You know what? That's great improvement!
I'm happy to say I'm still on track for my thirty point bonus.
I think it might be the best thing to come out of this challenge for me right now, getting back into the swing of things spiritually.

Today, I didn't exercise because my hubby came home early from work. It's too embarrassing for me to exercise in front of him. Maybe I'll double up tomorrow. AND I missed my calorie goal by six points! That really bites. Water intake? nah. Didn't make it either. But it's OK. It's still early in the week right.
Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.
How are all of you doing?


  1. You ARE doing great! I love that you are looking at all the things you DID do. Especially focussing on the spiritual aspect of your life. I have a strong testimony that when I put the Lord first everything else in my life falls into place in a much better way then I could do on my own. Keep it up and just take one day at a time.
    I went over by 6 points yesterday too! Oh well, atleast we are aware of what we are doing.
    Don't be embarrassed to exercise in front of your hubby; he just might think it's pretty sexy :) to see his wife taking care of her body and health!
    Have a great day :)

  2. I feel like you are doing really well! You did WAY better than me. I still haven't solidified my resolve to participate this round. And I totally get not exercising in front of your husband! I don't like it either!

  3. That 7 is very impressive! I'm going with the 7!

  4. Nikki! The hardest part is getting back on the boat. I think you are doing great! Sometimes once we are spiritually back in tune taking care of ourselves comes much easier.

    My advice to people is always take one or two things to focus on doing really well and then add things in as those become easier.

    I had a really tough weekend. I brought home the peppermint bark that I took to the party Friday night and then kept eating it all weekend. I didn't get in my range and I forgot to write down what I ate...

    I thought a million times to throw the candy away but it took until Monday to do it.

    This week is going much better, I hope it is for you too.

    My 30 point goal was to add some more Christ in Christmas for my kids...so far so good. They are really enjoying the scriptures I've put in their advent calendar.

    As for exercising in front of the hubby...maybe next time he does that you can get out for a walk/jog without the kids. Take advantage of it. Or ask him to do the card exercise with you...