Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Queen and her sneakers

The Queen is here to visit with us for all of one and half days. My kids are loving all the Queen's attentions. And so am I. But here's a few other little details that make me love and admire her as a healthy wife:

1) She brought a lemon (for fruit tea) and a carton of fresh raspberries.
2) She brought her sneakers, just in case.
3) She brought her own protein drink.
4) She brought 4 bags of freshly baked ginger snaps and hasn't eaten a single one.

Isn't she awesome!?


  1. She sounds amazing! There is no way I could pass up those gingersnaps!

  2. Yeah, I'd be all over the cookies, for sure. I don't know why, but for some reason I eat twice as much of someone else's food when I didn't have to spend the time to cook it. Maybe I need to try different recipes. I'm probably bored with my own cooking. But I bet that helps my waistline.

  3. One word AMAZING!! You are very lucky to have her indeed :) Have FUN!

  4. Alas, the sneakers never got used in Rocky River but I hope I get a star for good intentions.