Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Husbands Are Evil

Me: Matt, what cookies do you feel like you absolutely HAVE to have for Christmas?

Matt: Peanut butter balls...russian tea cakes...ginger snaps...spritz cookies...truffles.....toffee

Me: Ummmmm, okay. Can you pare it down at all? Do we have to do the tea cakes and the spritz cookies?

Matt: Mindy, Christmas only comes once a year!

Me: Can you pick just one to leave off the list?

Matt: That's like asking me to pick one of my children to hand over to the nazi's.

Mindy: (rolls eyes)

As all good little recovering addicts know, avoidance is key. Alcoholics don't go to bars. Sexaholics don't go to massage parlors. Sugarholics don't bake 16 batches of cookies and store them in tins above the fridge. Dear husband, I love you and all, but STOP ENABLING ME!


  1. Here's a shocker: I have NEVER baked Christmas cookies. That's wrong, I know. My kids are missing out on the sugary love. Except that they're not. Because they're Grandmothers and chocolate from Germany and candy canes and pie and Cheryl's cookies from my husband's work and so on and so forth.

  2. Mindy, I almost wet my pants laughing at this. But you know he's right. Us Carlsons gotta have ALL of those Christmas cookies! If it makes you feel any better, I have crossed the spritz cookies off my list this year and replaced them with caramel cashew bars. :)

  3. Skip the truffles, make the rest....it's Christmas. Better still, I'll come and make the Russian Tea Cakes, Ginger cookies and Spritz cookies (we'll single batch them all instead of double) and I won't let you eat any of them.

  4. The male metabolism is soooo irritating!

  5. So funny. The battle rages on.
    I usually only make two or three types of cookies and fudge. I don't think I can bring myself not to make any of them this year either. January should be interesting.

  6. It wouldn't be a Carlson Christmas without a bakathon...Last year I only made gingersnaps and peanut butter balls. This year I think I'll have a little more time and will add in a few more.

    I usually devote an entire day to baking...that's how important Christmas cookies are!!!! But those darn husbands and their metabolism just make it plain unfair.

    Remember bake and give, bake and give!!!