Thursday, December 16, 2010


Very literally, my abs are killing me! I've really been trying to focus on good running form this past month and a half. What difference has this made? Well, hopefully the biggest is simply.... better form. I am finding as a side effect of good form, my abs are crying out. They are so sore the rest of the day, sometimes for even a few days, after my runs. I was worried I was doing something wrong, but after doing alot of research and talking to "people" and "professionals" it appears that I am getting a kick butt core workout every run! :) Maybe one day when all my baby belly fat melts away, I will discover a firm, flat belly underneath!

Until then... I will keep pounding away at the workouts!

My gift to everyone, would be killer abs. I wish I could afford a hard core workout instructor who could give us hard core workouts individualized to our own unique weight loss needs. :) Until that day, I (and we) all have running! Hey! At least it's free, right?!


  1. Amen Sister!!! You are amazing!

  2. Now I'm intrigued! I really notice my abs when I'm on my Gazelle, but I don't think I noticed them when I used to be a runner this summer. What are the elements of good form?

  3. Thanks! I've always wanted killer abs...I know they are somewhere under all that other stuff :-)

  4. I'm not sure killer abs are achievable at this point in my life, I be satisfied for semi-killer abls.

    You're doing great, keep pounding away!