Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby, It's Cold Outside

My number #1 complaint in the winter: I'm cold. Specifically, my feet, my hands and my nose. {Closely followed by complaint #2: not enough mood-enhancing sunlight.} Being cold makes me want to eat sugary treats. It's like my body is saying "You need to pack on some extra pounds to ward off the cold."

But, really, it's not the extra pounds I need. It's exercise. Exercise improves circulation which, in turn, keeps your body warmer, including fingers and toes. My close to congealed blood is forced to perk up and start moving around in a frenzied fashion. That makes me warm. I am quite literally at my warmest in the winter right after I exercise (even warmer than having just stepped out of the shower.)

Of course there are other ways to stay warm too: good socks, hot cocoa, a fire, snuggling, a warm bath. {And if you need some more of those, go to the Dragonfly's December Give away fast!) These are all good too, but, for me, they only provide temporary relief, not the more long term solution I crave. So when the hot cocoa and socks just don't cut it and you feel the cold deep in your bones, time to rev up the circulation the old fashioned way and exercise.

As to the sun light, I received this awesome Happy Light as an early Christmas Gift this year. It brightens my day and lifts my spirits almost instantly. If I close my eyes, I can almost imagine the sand, the sun and the azure blue waves lapping the shore.

Somebody hand me a fruity concoction with a pink flamingo in it, please.


  1. Funny picture, look at all those tingly little hands. I'll be really curious to know at the end of winter rather the light made any difference for you, I hope it does.

  2. Quit zoning in on my brainwaves! I was just going to do a post about this exact issue. Oh, well, I'll probably do it anyway. I totally agree with you - the change in seasons really affects appetite and energy level. Combine that with being a woman and our hormonal issues, and the winter is really tough on us, as far as overeating goes. Again - you find the coolest, and sometimes strangest, pictures! You must tell us your search secrets!

  3. No search secrets. I just keyword search a bunch of different things on google then hit "images."

    The hand/finger image isn't a perfect fit, but it was just too weird/cool to pass up. Those tiny tiny fingers must get awfully cold, don't you think.

  4. The picture kind of freaks me out a little.

    Definitely good thinking here. I should add that to my list of reasons to exercise in the winter time, so that I can warm up my bones.