Friday, August 13, 2010

Vacations, Great Weather, and Vitamins

Vacations can really screw up your desire to live a healthier life. Thank goodness this trip I remembered to bring my vitamins, thanks to their convenient little packages.

The other thing I brought was my GPS watch. That way when I go on my early morning walks with my mom that I know how many miles I'm I'm trying to add in more running and I want to know how I'm doing.

The weather here in California is so wonderful. I can hardly believe I don't get blasted with heat and humidity every time I walk outside. I love not sweating when I'm sitting in the shade talking with my family. My kids are worn out from swimming all day and love that they don't have to do anything but go in the back yard to do so...they were also amazed that we went to the park. PARK is a four letter word in the summer to me.

I hope that as things are getting that little bit crazier as we wind down summer and fall right in to school that you are keep things in track.

Miss you guys! Can't wait to get everyone back on board!


  1. Yep, I'm dying for school to start, too. I think the kids are ready, too. Dani said the other day, "Man, I wish school would start." And this is from the teenage girl who thought it was her patriotic duty to sleep in until at least 10am every morning.

    All the talk lately on the blog about humidity has me feeling grateful for my dry mountain desert climate. I get cracks in my heels from dry winters, but at least I'm not sweating in the shade!

  2. Rain and lower temps finally arrived yesterday in Olde Virginny but alas the humidity remains HIGH! Good skin days, bad hair days still abound.

    Do I need one of those GPS watches, where do you get them?
    I totally blew my calories yesterday by eating a candy bar for both lunch and dinner. I need a GPS system that will lock me out of bad behavior like that.

    Delighted that you're having a happy FAB family visit.

  3. Swimming and sideline park commentary yesterday were the best.

    Can't wait to get back on track too! I need it!