Monday, July 26, 2010


I read this on a blog this morning and absolutely loved the writing and meaning behind it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did:

I see it now, you surrendered to food. I don't mean that you gave up and relinquished your power to it in the conventional definition of "surrender", you took a big sigh and made the decision to stop fighting against it. To accept that food was there to stay, and like any other reality, it had to be accepted and dealt with, collaboratively. If you couldn't beat it (and yourself) into submission, conquer it, than you had to find a way to co exist with it, in a way that allowed you both to flourish. That way, you're still you, in charge of you, enjoying and living with food which is free to be whatever it is.



  1. What a great quote. It's hard to put food feelings into words, but this is perfect. I feel like I am cheating at being disciplined. This last week while I was on vacation I was having horrible cravings, and no options to satisfy them. It was a strange feeling to be forced into being disciplined. I made up for it by making my favorite dessert last night, gluten free. Not one of my stronger moments, but boy was is delicious!! Now I am back on track, and feeling a bit achy today...maybe because of the dessert?

  2. Alicia,
    This is one I had to read several times to really wrap my head around it. It really goes along well with what I have had on my mind lately. Thanks for sharing.

  3. If I were to rephrase it, I'd say something like this:

    You are going to have to eat real food, not shakes and not pills, for the rest of your life. So just deal with it. Learn how to eat food that replishes and nourishes your body, instead of making your body deal with it like it was overflowing with toxic waste. That way, you and food can have a peaceful coexistance, instead of you constantly picking the food the undermines your body's effort to keep all systems functioning properly. And you know what? A body that gets healthy food most of the time will be able to handle the occasional Twinkie, Diet Dr. Pepper, Snickers, pork rinds or whatever junk you want to throw at it, without causing any long-term damage.

  4. Umm, that's "replenishes," not "replishes." My bad.