Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I can do hard things

I've missed you!

My summer craziness is over and it's time to get back on the blog. I return a little heavier, a little doughier, but ready to fully re-commit. While absent I maintained some good habits, and let others slip, but at least I was aware. Aware that I was making a bad choice. Aware of the consequences of those choices. Aware that at some point I'd have to pay the piper. Payment was made in part yesterday morning when I stepped on the scale and went for my first run in three weeks. I'm up five pounds, and the run was, well, grueling. I actually stopped and walked for the first time ever. Then I sat down on an electrical box and cried for a little bit. Then I got up and ran/walked home. I should have started with a shorter run. I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep last week on Trek.

Trek was awesome. Matt and I both left with that day-after-Christmas feeling. We pulled/pushed a handcart for 30 miles across the plains of Wyoming. Half of that was on day three, at Rocky Ridge. The trek over Rocky Ridge was intense, and after a night of rain (and hail!) very muddy. Our family was asked to pull a second handcart, because the church needed them transported. That meant we were spread thin, and I pulled the handcart for around 13 1/2 miles. The amazing thing is, I was up for it! I did it, and I felt good when it was done. I was worn out, slightly stiff, and a little sore (I think that was more due to sleeping on the hard ground with nothing but a sleeping bag as padding.) And that's all thanks to this blog! I'm so grateful that I didn't have to worry about the physical aspect of Trek. I had complete confidence that I could do it, no problem. If they would have asked us before I was a part of this blog, I wouldn't have had that confidence. So thanks girls, especially Audrey!

The night before, I heard the Stake Young Women's president chatting with a bunch of girls about the day ahead. We knew it was going to be tough, and she was speaking a few words of encouragement. She said, "What was our lesson about girls? I can do..."

"Hard Things!" one girl replied.

That sentiment was like a glass of cold water in my face. It woke me up. I knew immediately it was to be my new motto. There is so much power in that one thought! I can do hard things! Of course I can. Not only that, but I am CHOOSING to do hard things, and that's even more powerful. Making a lifestyle change is difficult, but it's certainly possible. In fact, it's the purpose of life; to fight off the natural man, to try our best to be like Jesus. It's not only possible, it's EXPECTED of us. Doesn't that make it seem more attainable? It does to me!

Here's the tough part: Sometimes, I don't want to do hard things. I'm tired. I want to sit down on an electrical box and have a little cry. And I think that's okay, as long as I get up again. Because of the Savior, we have an endless amount of do-overs. And that is something for which I am truly grateful.


  1. I love this post Mindy. Thank you for enlightening me today. I can do hard things too!

  2. Glad you had a great time on the Trek. Don't worry, I've gained 5 lbs. in the past month too ;) And if I can do hard things, you can definitely do hard things!

    We're blessing the baby at Mom's in February. If you guys could make it that would be GREAT!! We'll be there around the 12th, but I don't know if we'll have the blessing on the 13th or the 20th. We should know by the time the baby is born.

    And don't worry about the 5 lbs. Like we told Lori, it'll be a distant memory soon! Love you! I'll probably call you this week.

  3. You CAN DO HARD THINGS and while doing them you can even find joy....trust me I know this to be true.

  4. I'm so glad the hard trek was inspiring and do-able for you physically! As a follow up to your new motto, try this one on for size too:

    I can make hard things look easy.

    Because you did that too. {i.e.The Boulder Race!}

  5. Mindy- I was so excited to see your post. I've missed you in the blogging world and can't wait to have you back.

  6. Mindy thanks for sharing this a great thought it was such a refreshing way to start my day.

  7. That was absolutely beautiful. That should be the motto on HWHL t-shirts - "I can do hard things!" Marvelous! And thanks for the spiritual reminder, too! A wonderful tie-in to the physical/mental aspect of healthy lifestyle changes.

  8. I agree Becky, this should be on the t shirt!

  9. "I Can Do Hard Things" should definitely be our motto! I've thought about this concept a lot as I've watched people around me struggle in their lives. The common thread I see is that they are just not willing to do things that are hard. They think they're taking the easy road, but in reality, their lives are full of inner turmoil and struggle because they aren't progressing. What's easy about that?

    Thanks for the inspiring post. I hope to go on Trek myself someday. I dream of all the great photos I could take and the empowering feeling of accomplishing something truly challenging.

  10. Thanks guys, and just to clarify, I wasn't crying because I gained 5 pounds. I'm not even worried about that, because I have the know-how to lose them. I was crying because I'm dealing with some things (just like the rest of you) that make me want to cry sometimes. Plus, I'm on my period.


  12. Min, I don't know if you'll be back to read this post but I wanted to say I think you are amazing. I'm glad Trek was such a wonderful experience!

    You can do hard things! We all can. You're right, we just don't always have to do them!

    Sometimes it's good to have a little cry. Plus, you got up and moved forward!

    Love you!