Friday, July 30, 2010

I Loved ZUMBA Even Though I Looked Like A Spastic Dork Doing It

I took a Zumba class from my local rec center this week, to fulfill this session's challenge. I'd been eyeing it for a few weeks, but it took an invitation from one of my friends from church and book club to finally get me there. It was so much fun! But remember Elaine from Friends? Remember her spastic dancing? That's how I felt in class on Tuesday. But it was so much fun, I had fantasies about actually being good at it one day. Needless to say, I'm going to be taking more Zumba classes in the future. I took my camera with me to class to take pictures of myself with some of my friends from church, but class had already started when I got there, and everyone was too hot and sweaty afterwards for pics. So, here's an intro video about Zumba:

This lady in my class, who I also visit teach, had on these cool "Zumba pants" that have little streamers in strategic places, so that while you dance the streamers move in time to the music. Of course, she looked great all throughout class, but it made me think, what if I could do that some day? I wouldn't dare do it now, because I DO NOT need to draw attention to my rear end. But who doesn't love to accessorize for a great workout? Check out eBay for Zumba pants, and you can also find more info about zumba at I'm pretty sure I'm going to break 200 pounds by my birthday at the end of October, and I've been wondering what would be a great b-day gift. How about some sassy Zumba pants?

I'll be shakin' my thing soon!


  1. This is something I would definitely have to do when no one was watching. Otherwise people around me would be laughing so hard they wouldn't be able to do the workout. LOL

  2. You can do it, I say get those Zumba pants and shake that booty.